Gift Yourself With These Five Cryptocurrencies This Christmas

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Christmas, many people’s favourite time of year, looms as December approaches! This is the season for giving to those you care about. If you’re looking for a unique present this year, cryptocurrency is a great option. Giving cryptocurrency or other digital assets as a gift is a wonderful way to encourage someone to learn more about these intriguing new technologies. Despite the most recent crypto crash, crypto analysts are optimistic about the future of decentralised finances. Here are fivel cryptocurrencies that you should consider gifting yourself with this Christmas.

Gift Big With Big Eyes Coin

The upcoming meme token Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the most discussed cryptocurrencies online. The blockchain network best describes itself as a community-owned DeFi token that aims to build wealth for its users by leveraging the unique DeFi solutions available to it.

The meme currency project also intends to provide NFT utilities for its community, and with the attractive cat memes, Big Eyes might reap the benefits of the NFT market. The NFTs are primarily intended to serve as access tickets to additional material and community activities. Now in the seventh stage of its presale, Big Eyes Coin has managed to raise $11.13 million within under a year of existence.

Skyrocket To The Top With Rocketize

Rocketize Token (JATO), a cryptocurrency that is community-driven and progressive, is an open-source organisation that has chosen not to assign any obligations to team members. The blockchain network hopes this attention would pave the way for collaboration with important international organisations. Rocketize Token enables decentralised trading platforms (DEX).

A large number of individuals are organising this transaction. As the DAO is decentralised, users have a say in the direction of JATO’s system. Atomic Nation, Rocketize’s growing community, will serve as the basis for its founders’ aim of garnering the attention of various influencers and the media.

Exercise-To-Earn With Runfy

The Runfy Token (RNF) is built on a solid community that encourages token holders to take control of their health and fitness. The blockchain network allows users to earn money while keeping healthy. The platform’s utility token is RNF, which was created on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), which has one of the lowest transaction fees.

The RunfyApp, an artificial intelligence-powered application that attempts to combine users and fitness professionals to achieve the goal of health and well-being, is one of Runfy’s primary selling features. The RunfyApp will be used to complete daily training assignments given by fitness professionals. Users are given free RNF tokens based on their daily goals! Trainers are also given RNF tokens for developing programmes and diets.

Explore The Upcoming Canine Coin Dogeliens

Dogeliens (DOGET) is an open-source platform, meaning that the source code is available to the public and may be distributed or changed as needed by the user. Due to their decentralised nature, they may operate independently of the government and other centralised authorities.

The coin offers games and educational activities to educate users on cryptocurrency. Dogeliens accomplished this by creating the ‘University of Barkington,’ which offers users a wide range of resources. Its objective is to build the greatest blockchain-based teaching platform possible to attract more individuals to the crypto business.

Have Reliability In ‘The Ethereum Killer’ Solana

Solana is a decentralised crypto-computing platform to achieve fast transaction speeds. Solana is money as well as a versatile platform for launching decentralised applications (dapps), ranging from Degenerate Apes to the Serum decentralised exchange (or DEX).

The blockchain network developed the moniker ‘Ethereum Killer’ due to its speed, which is accomplished through a mix of ground-breaking technologies, including the proof-of-history consensus method (PoH). Solana can handle around 50,000 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum can only handle 15 or fewer.

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