FixedFloat: An Analysis of 2022’s Journey and 2023’s Plans

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At the end of another beautiful year, when the most secure and trusted crypto exchange FixedFloat turns 4 years, we are taking you along the remarkable journey we had in 2022, to throw light upon the constant efforts of our professionals.

Since the launch of FixedFloat in 2018, enthusiasts and blockchain experts have been contributing extensively to the core of the crypto space, with the sole intention to simplify the cryptocurrency exchange processes and thus to make the community comfortable.

FixedFloat is an easily accessible platform that simplifies the transactions procedures without hassles. The user-friendly system of FixedFloat enables you to sign in to the environment just on a click without long registration processes.

Notably, the distinct feature of FixedFloat is that we advocate no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) feature, enabling the users to have an easier access to the platform without KYC verification. In addition, the reasonable fee structure, choice of fees, time management, retrieving the accidentally lost page etc. make the platform unique from other crypto exchanges.

Being a user-prioritized company, FixedFloat intends to promote facilities that satisfies the requirements of the users. FixedFloat team exclaims about the choice of rates as “You choose whether fixed or floating exchange rates fit your strategy. Pick the right strategy and make favorable trades. No sign-ups, no hassle.”

While analyzing the customer-oriented functioning of FixedFloat, it is revealed that the company has completed more than 1,000,000 orders in 2022. The relation between FixedFloat and its customers is evident from the fact that more than 1000 regular customers surf our company website daily. In addition, every day, we have new and trusted members added to our family.

Primarily, FixedFloat prioritizes the security and safety of our customers. As we equally consider the reputation of the company, FixedFloat is vigilant in each and every decision. The addition of new coins and tokens to our platform is a necessity and an added benefit. However, it’s a great deal when it comes to the prudence and circumspection that the company embraces to select the most secure currencies.

Notably, in 2022, FixedFloat introduced 10 new cryptocurrencies and tokens to the platform. They include PancakeSwap, Shiba Inu, Cosmos, Polkadot, Tezos, Solana, Avalanche, Aave, Decentraland, and EOS.

Importantly, while standing at the outset of 2023, FixedFlot is the only non-custodial automatic exchange that supports the Lightning Network, the decentralized network that is emancipated to be the future of cryptocurrency payment systems.

FixedFloat considers its customers as the key component of the company, the major reason for the company’s success and reputation. Therefore, the company is always open to suggestions and queries from its customers. One of the momentous moves by FixedFloat was the Monero fan meeting that was arranged in Prague on Halloween Day.

Day by day, FixedFloat is flourishing. The company anticipates a more colorful venture ahead in the upcoming years with more and more sublime accomplishments.

The team has begun its endeavor to create wonders in 2023. The frontend team has already started to update the design of the company website. A new mobile application will be launched soon. In addition, we shall continue our chores to foster the needs of our community most effectively.

About FixedFloat

FixedFloat is the safest, fully automatic cryptocurrency exchange with Lightning Network. The deals with FixedFloat is easier and convenient as there is neither registration nor other formalities. The platform helps you exchange cryptocurrencies just by scanning a QR code, after which you will be led to make profitable deals.


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