First Bitcoin Exchange Opens in Hong Kong – Soon, Investors can Buy ETH, BTCS, and other Bluechips

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HashKey, a cryptocurrency exchange, will commence with BTC trading in Hong Kong dollars. Livio Weng, COO of Hashkey Group, stated that the latter is set to begin effectively. Hashkey aims to sign up to 500,000 retail users globally by the end of 2023.

When Bitcoin first set foot in the financial technology realm, there were deep concerns about how it would develop. Fast forward to today, and the digital network has gained insights and massive traction, attracting millions of users around the world. Ethereum, on the other hand, generated traction with large-scale investors and programmers due to the ability of the network to deploy smart contracts. Smart contracts allow the development of new layer 2 applications. Bitcoin Spark is the new virtual currency network that utilizes Ethereum and Bitcoin’s proof-of-stake and proof-of-work, respectively.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is an incredible digital currency for investors who seek long-term investments. The digital network has had massive gains in the last decade. Having BTC as the governing tool, Bitcoin’s price plunged amid the crypto winter experienced in 2022. However, the currency had a surge in 2023. Cryptocurrency experts believe the currency might increase in the first quarter of 2024. This is because of the previous market trends and movements.

ETH Price

Ethereum, developed by Vitalik Buterin, is also on the verge of an uptrend. The digital currency slightly pings on the movement of Bitcoin. Blockchain participants and non-partakers could look into the project as it contains vast features such as scalability and interoperability.

Bitcoin Spark trading will Commence in Hashkey

The ever-developing blockchain technology has seen the development of a new Bitcoin Spark project. The new platform has already garnered several whales, retail, and institutional investors, and they have put money into promoting the network’s future progress. In the history of imminent programs of blockchain technology, platforms that attract crypto whales usually bear immense potential to surge.

Recently, reports have emerged that Ethereum and Bitcoin whales have invested their capital in Bitcoin Spark. This is a clear indication that the project is promising despite its early pre-sale phases. The project is in its ICO phase 3, which will end soon. Each token is selling for $2 during this ICO phase. However, the prices will increase when the next phase begins. The platform is considered the most dominant BTC’s alternative to its native token, BTCS.

During the monopoly of the first-generation crypto network Bitcoin, there was less need for smart contracts as the goal was to promote peer-to-peer transactions. Nevertheless, Web3 continued to develop towards third-generation platforms with smart contracts where programmers can create decentralized applications. Digital networks such as Ethereum and other major smart contract deploying platforms have impediments concerning dApp generation as the preferred programming language is Solidity.

Bitcoin Spark is a  cutting-edge digital platform containing smart contracts with multiple layers. The smart contract enables the system to run with high-level and low-level programming languages. In addition, smart contracts can be deployed with EVM-compatible languages such as Vyper and Solidity or any other high-level or low-level language.

Furthermore, the project has already been legally scrutinized by Vital Block, Contract Wolf and Cognitos which are among the leading audit platforms in the crypto arena.

Participants within the Bitcoin Spark ecosystem can request vast data from the blockchain network or send transactions from the interface to the ledger technology for procession. This is possible with the new integration of remote call procedures in the new platform. With the availability of multiple layers, RPC providers can provide two data streams continuously. The advancement will require a single wallet that can communicate with various layers; hence, Bitcoin Spark’s wallet will initially be the only wallet on the mainnet release.

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