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Press Release: Players can win super BTC prizes with the new Battle for the Aegis Dota 2 Tournament on 1xbit.

6th October 2022, Limassol, Cyprus — Now is the perfect time for you to let your fears go and embrace the winner in you. The new eSports tournament from 1xBit, Battle for the Aegis, has been primed to let you and other potential winners show their sportsmanship and earn in the process. The Battle for the Aegis tournament will see players bet on Dota 2 events and share the over 600 mBTC prize fund.

How the Battle for the Aegis Tournament Works

It is a straightforward process to participate in this tournament. Once you have logged into your account or registered on the 1xBit website, go to the Battle for the Aegis section and click on the ‘Take part’ button. Then bet on any Dota 2 events with 1.5 odds or higher and collect the keys.

These keys you collect will help you decide your path as you will use them to open treasuries representing the different levels of the tournament.

Prizes to Be Won in the Battle

There are four levels or treasures you must unlock with the keys you earn as you bet on Dota 2 game events. These levels, from level one to four, are Rare Treasure, Mythic Treasure, Legend Treasure, and Eternal Treasure. As long as you participate in this tournament, there are prizes that every player is guaranteed to win at each level.

For instance, every player is assured of 0.1 mBTC free bet after opening the Rare Treasure level; this value also increases to 0.2 and 0.3 as you open the Mythic and Legend Treasures. It gets better in level four, where you are likely to win the Dota 2 arcana item, which has a value of up to 25 USD.

In addition to the above prizes, there are other prizes to be won at each level following a draw, after which one lucky player is picked in each game level and rewarded:

  • 10 mBTC to be won in Rare Treasure
  • 20 mBTC in Mythic Treasure
  • 50 mBTC in Legend Treasure
  • 100 mBTC in Eternal treasure

Super Prizes 

The winning streak continues after the above prizes. 1xBit has prepared dinner, and there are enough to go around. At the end of the Battle for the Aegis tournament, random selection within those who got to the Eternal Treasure level will be made to select three more winners to win the super prizes.

Each of these winners will go home with 250 mBTC, 150 mBTC, and 100 mBTC. Players have the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize; join the Battle for the Aegis tournament from October 5 until October 31, 2022.

Benefits Available on 1xBit

1xBit is one of the few crypto betting sites that give you all you need just a click away. Dota 2 is just one part of the eSports games you can bet on at 1xBit; there are numerous other eSports events like CS: GO, Valorant, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Rainbow Six, and many more. 1xBit is a huge online sportsbook that accepts over 40 cryptocurrencies and guarantees total anonymity for every player.

You can register easily on the website with your email address and enjoy up to 7 BTC as a welcome bonus for your first four deposits. The battle for treasures has just begun on 1xBit, a unique campaign where there are no vanquished but only winners. Join the tournament and claim your prize.

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