Filecoin ($FIL) Struggling As Interest Wanes, Smart Investors Dig Into $QUBE’s Prospects

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Filecoin is among the cryptocurrencies that have been struggling to maintain their hold in the market. Analysts who have been tracking the market feel that its prospects are also not looking good as crypto investors’ interest has waned. In fact, many Filecoin holders have already jumped ship and have started exploring other top crypto coins like InQubeta (QUBE).

The newly launched cryptocurrency is garnering attention from all corners of the world because of its state-of-the-art model where startups working on artificial intelligence can land authentic investment opportunities. Another reason why many analysts are calling it one of the best altcoins to buy now is its presale growth. Even though the crypto project is only in its fourth presale stage, its presale funding has already crossed $3 million and 72% of the presale tokens have been sold already.

InQubeta: Kickstarting an AI revolution with DeFi tools

InQubeta is a cutting-edge decentralized platform that bridges the gap between AI startups and potential investors. With InQubeta, not only do startups get the required funding for their project but investors also get to explore new opportunities and stay ahead of the market. It has a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which is used for various transactional purposes on the network.

What makes the QUBE token a good crypto to buy is its deflationary model where price fluctuations are minimized by controlling the supply. In a deflationary model, the token supply is always kept below what is demanded in the market. By keeping the supply scarce, price fluctuations are minimized. If there are any extra tokens in circulation, they are destroyed by sending them to a burn wallet.

The deflationary mechanism works through the buy-and-sell tax imposed by the InQubeta team. Every time QUBE tokens are bought or sold, buyers and sellers have to pay a small tax. As the tax proceeds are also in terms of the QUBE token, they can increase the supply of the cryptocurrency. Hence, whenever a token is bought or sold, the InQubeta team burns a small portion of the tax proceeds and maintains the status quo.

Users can also stake these QUBE tokens and support the platform’s optimal development. The rewards are linked to the period of staking so long-term holders can get better returns.

The QUBE token is also the governance token of the platform. As InQubeta has a decentralized governance mechanism, it encourages its community members to participate in the decision-making process. If they have a suggestion to make, they can pitch it as a proposal. The community members discuss the pros and cons of the proposals and then put it to a vote. All token holders get voting rights with which they can express their opinions about the platform.

Startups interested in exploring opportunities on InQubeta are required to come up with an offer for investors that they like to give the latter in exchange for funding their project. The offer might comprise a reward level or a share in the startup’s equity. With the help of tokenization, these offers are then turned into NFTs and made available on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investors can assess and buy them. If an investor is convinced by the offer made by the startup, they pay for the NFT with their QUBE tokens. Investors have the option of buying either the entire NFT or a small part of it because the NFTs can be fractionalised.

Interest in Filecoin Diminishes as Platform Struggles to Maintain Growth

Filecoin is a decentralized cloud storage platform that addresses challenges like inefficient file storage and its retrieval. Its native cryptocurrency is the FIL token which is used for all transactional purposes on the network.

The FIL token has failed to attract new platforms and buyers as interest in the ecosystem has dipped. The platform has struggled to maintain its relevance as competition has increased in the decentralized storage space. Many long-term holders of Filecoin are looking to exit but some analysts feel that the platform could still recover if it manages to come up with new upgrades in the long term.


If you are looking for an innovative crypto project, InQubeta is currently one of the best crypto investments available in the market. For generating potentially huge long-term returns, InQubeta has an edge over other altcoins because of its unique model. It enables startups to bring their ideas to life and become profitable entities. By allowing investors to invest in such promising projects, InQubeta allows investors to build a steady source of income for themselves that can secure their future.

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