Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) Whales Move $200 Million: Watch These Hidden Altcoins Surge!

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Whales have begun to generate notable buzz based on recent Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) network activities. Deep-pocket investors have reportedly transferred Ethereum and Solana coins worth around $200 million to multiple locations. These interesting transactions reflect these traders’ view of the market.

With whale activities becoming glaring, retail investors have shifted their gaze to an emerging high-potential DeFi token, RCO Finance (RCOF), expecting this trend to impact its price positively. Let’s dig deeper to learn how whale activities could affect the value of these altcoins!

Hibernating Ethereum Investor Awakens, Transfers Coins To Kraken

Ethereum experienced notable price changes in the past day triggered by the activity of an age-old ETH investor.

According to data published on X on June 8, 2024, Wu Blockchain, an on-chain activity tracker, revealed that a long-standing whale investor with 67,000 Ethereum (ETH) tokens in his possession had moved 15,200 units of his asset to the centralized crypto exchange Kraken. These coins were acquired during Ethereum’s initial offering in 2015.

The whale investor initiated this transaction on June 7, marking the third transaction made from this wallet since 2022. At the time of the transfer, the tokens were worth $56.1 million. According to Wu Blockchain, the investor still has $152.3 million in Ethereum (ETH) sitting idly in his wallet.

According to the whale’s transaction record, six enormous transfers were executed between 2020 and 2021. These transactions involved 150,000 ETH coins worth over $553 million. ETHnow trades at $3,680, following a 3.53% shift downward.

Whales Move Tokens Around On The Solana Network

Whale Alert, a marker intelligence provider, has spotlighted several transactions on the Solana network involving SOL whales.

The platform called attention to these transactions after Solana’s native token, SOL, crashed below $200 a few weeks back. According to Whale Alert, these transactions occurred chronologically, stirring a theory that these whales know something others don’t.

Specifically, the first transaction saw the movement of 993,453 SOL tokens valued at $189.55 million. A few moments later, a second transaction followed, carrying 1,895,729 SOL worth $361.7 million. Shortly after, a third transaction featuring $209.29 million or 1,096,940 SOL came through.

Lastly, one million SOL worth $190 million also followed suit, each of which went from an unidentified wallet to another unknown address.

These transactions sparked speculation that the whales may be offloading their Solana holding over the counter to curtail its impact on the general market. Nevertheless, Solana’s native token now trades at $158.89, down 2.31%.

RCO Finance: The Multipurpose Platform For All DeFi Activities

RCO Finance is a viable option for investors searching for an effective crypto AI trading platform. It is a platform for trading various financial instruments, including digital and real-world assets. Moreover, as RWA tokenization gains further traction, RCO Finance becomes more indispensable.

What’s unique about RCO Finance is that the platform is entirely AI-automated, meaning users can still invest in lucrative products without active engagement. Therefore, RCO Finance has become a top pick for beginners without an in-depth knowledge of the crypto market.

Integrating a machine learning protocol enables the platform’s AI robo-advisor to execute trades on behalf of an investor after conducting due diligence. So, this tool can be really helpful for you to make investment decisions.

Furthermore, investors can get up to 50X leverage for each trade to bolster their positions. They can also benefit from the Automated Market Maker (AMM), which uses algorithms to facilitate trading.

What’s more? RCO Finance underwent thorough auditing done by SolidProof, a prominent blockchain security firm, to ensure users’ safety, with proof on SolidProof, one of the leading blockchain security companies in the space.

Diamond Hands: RCOF Promises Spectacular Gains

Besides making money on the RCO Finance platform, investors can also cash in on its native token, RCOF. Based on recent crypto price predictions, RCOF is poised to attain significant heights during the next phase of the crypto bull run—currently, the DeFi token trades at $0.0127 in Stage 1 of its public presale.

This is the best stage to invest in RCOF to scoop massive gains. When RCO Finance enters Stage 2 of its presale, investors will realize a 169% ROI from RCOF. By the end of the presale phase, when the token hits $0.6, long-term holders will have amassed more than 4,000% returns. Can you find a better deal anywhere else?

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