Doodles 2 Creator Tool to Launch on Flow Blockchain

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Animated profile picture NFT collection Doodles 2’s Dooplicator will launch on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain at the end of Jan. 2023.

Following its Dooplicator airdrop and Genesis Box auctions in 2022, the company plans to launch a Beta of a Doodles 2 creation tool later this year.

Doodles 2 Dooplicator Will Launch Soon, Followed by Genesis Box

According to a letter published by Doodles, collectors can customize Doodles 2 characters’ hairstyles, emotions, and bodies before moving on to clothing and wearables. Doodles will activate its Dooplicator to mint wearables on Jan. 31, 2023, with the second minting set to take place a month later, using Genesis boxes. 

The collectors participating in the mints will receive an access pass to the Beta version of a Doodles 2 creation tool. The Doodles 2 collection will live on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, taking advantage of the network’s low transaction fees.

According to Doodles co-founder Evan Keast, the Dooplicator allows collectors to export the rarest traits of the original Doodles collection onto Flow. Keast started working for Dapper Labs in 2019 and was an early participant in the CryptoKitties ecosystem.

Digital artist Scott Martin, better known as Burnt Toast, created the original 10,000-piece Doodles profile picture NFT collection in Oct. 2021. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are immutable digital certificates of authenticity on a blockchain that prove the ownership history of a digital or real-world item. 

Happy” Producer to Executive Produce Doodles 2 Music Amid Rapid Expansion

Doodles LLC recently raised $54 million to fund its expansion into mainstream media. It also employed music producer and artist Pharrell Williams to drive its foray into NFT music. Williams will executive produce a Doodles album, Doodles Records: Volume 1, whose music will reportedly be “layered” onto Doodles 2. The company also launched Space Doodles to transform a normal Doodle into a space character using a tool called wrapped NFTs. Space Doodles can be bought without cryptocurrencies.

Continuing its mainstream expansion, Doodles is also set to acquire Disney-affiliated animation studio Golden Wolf. Doodles CEO Julian Holguin is also in talks with Hollywood creatives and producers to develop a Doodles TV show. 

Crypto Twitter Goes With the Flow

Unlike the original Doodles collection, all Doodles 2 characters will live on Flow, the home of the famous NBA Top Shot collection.

Collectors can leverage Flow’s extremely low transaction fees and scalability to customize their characters endlessly. All characters’ attributes will also live on-chain, allowing third-party developers to create customized experiences for different owner demographics.

The crypto community is generally optimistic about the migration to Flow, citing a smooth onboarding experience as a crucial value proposition.

Like many other profile-picture NFT collections, Doodles are evolving from simple jpegs to represent a collectors’ interoperable digital identity. According to metaverse specialist Matthew Ball, standardizing virtual asset data across blockchains will be important for the future of digital identities in the metaverse. Smart contracts on Flow are written in a programming language called Cadence, while Ethereum smart contracts are coded in Solidity. Having to recode NFT traits for each blockchain engine could prove time-consuming and financially wasteful.

Metaverse considerations aside, companies like Doodles can drive blockchain-agnostic value propositions for different demographics to build a strong global brand.

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