Dogecoin’s Development Gulf: Can Everlodge Bridge the Gap?

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It’s been an emotional week for Dogecoin as the dog behind the meme ‘goes to sleep’, but the question on investors’ minds is ‘Has Dogecoin also gone to sleep?’ Everlodge, on the other hand, is wide awake and at the forefront of sectors of interest for smart money investors. They are aiming to make it easy for people to partially invest in real world vacation rental properties.

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What’s new with Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is one of the oldest crypto currencies dating all the way back to 2013. But what has been happening recently with their development? Not much it seems!

The news of the passing of the Shiba Inu dog ‘Balltze’ prompted the Dogecoin Foundation to issue a news release with a tribute. The owner of Balltze asked people not to be sad but to think of all the happiness the dog had brought the world in his life.

Outside of this though, it’s hard to see what the Dogecoin Foundation have been doing. The Dogecoin code was last updated in July 2022 according to Github. The last entry on their blog was last year.

This might be related to the incident in January this year, when Ross Nicoll, a key contributor within the Dogecoin Foundation, revealed his intention to step back from Dogecoin. Instead, he assumed an advisory role, citing an “overwhelming” experience of stress and a potential conflict of interest as the primary reasons for his transition.

Elon Musk is probably the most active mover of the price of Dogecoin. His most recent significant Dogecoin related action was when he changed the Twitter bird logo (that’s now an X) to Balltze aka Cheem aka Doge. I hope to be proved wrong but it seems like Dogecoin development isn’t going anywhere.

Everlodge is just getting started

Everlodge is a new project still in presale. It’s exciting because it will allow people the ability to fractionally invest in holiday homes and luxury hotels via NFTs. This means that anyone who has ever wanted to get involved in the property rental income sphere can now do so, regardless of their location, credit history or any other barriers.

Since people can invest from as little as $100, the platform will be a great way for those looking to diversify their portfolios and to receive income from it.  Traditionally, buying a property includes a large amount of red tape from lawyers and notaries to taxes, understanding the nuances of local laws and more.

Everlodge promises to take all that hassle away using the magic of tokenization of properties. All deeds and necessary data is stored in the metadata of the NFTs, meaning that everything is legal and immutable.

The Everlodge team are looking out for the safety of the platform as well, and their smart contracts have been fully audited and the team have been KYCd.

Everlodge are in the first or ‘beta’ phase of their presale and their token ELDG is on offer at $0.01.  Given the lucrative nature of the global vacation rental market (worth over $80 million dollars in 2022), the innovative features and the early stage of the project, Everlodge has the potential to be the next moonshot.

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