DeFi Analyst Predicts $2.00 Per Token For Both And Ripple In 2023

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Recent predictions from industry experts and analysts have helped pour new confidence into the crypto market. They think that GLO and XRP will enjoy strong growth over the next year and could hit price points of $2.00 per token in 2023. This is incredibly bullish for both these tokens and the wider crypto space.

Let’s face it; profits have recently been somewhat harder to find in the crypto world. But they aren’t impossible, even right now. Especially if you focus on credible projects primed for growth like analysts predict both XRP and GLO are. Here’s why they could be the best options for your portfolio right now and could fire you into profits over the coming year:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo brings some of the most robust deflationary features to the table with an incredibly innovative range of solutions. These come at the best time, as the global economy is currently struggling from increased inflationary concerns. If you want a token that’s completely deflationary and embraces its community of holders while also being primed for growth, GLO could be the perfect opportunity. It has a range of assets stored in a vault to provide a fully-backed and secure base price, alongside ultra-burn mechanics to ensure the token becomes more scarce over time. All of these reasons and more are why GLO could be a perfect choice.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple has had a difficult couple of years. Once touted as the next breakout star, it has been plagued by regulatory issues and legal battles in courts. This led to XRP being delisted in many exchanges, making it harder to buy and sell, but analysts still think it could have potential. If it can manage to put these issues behind it, the price growth for XRP could be tremendous, primarily if you invest before it gets re-listed on major exchanges.


XRP and GLO could be credible parts of your portfolio for the coming months and years. They both have the potential to succeed, and now might be the time to add them before enjoying stratospheric gains.

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