Dash 2 Trade Will List on Gate.io & Hosts Overfunding Round to Support Further Tier 1 Listings

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Innovative crypto signals and on-chain analytics platform Dash 2 Trade sold out its presale in the fourth stage. Investors who missed out still have a chance to be part of early-round fundraising by buying D2T tokens during the 5-day overfunding round.

The sold-out presale was extended after Dash 2 Trade raised $13,420,000. Latecomers have a chance to scoop up the remaining tokens for the next five days, as Dash 2 Trade has distributed a further 36 million tokens.

The 5-day overfunding will enable investors to buy D2T tokens at $0.0556 and enable the project to raise at least another $2,001,600. The fourth stage of the presale priced the tokens at $0.0553, resulting in the overfunding round providing a 4% return.

After the overfunding round, it’s been announced that D2T tokens will list on centralized exchange Gate.io on 11 January 2023.

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The motivation behind the overfunding

Dash 2 Trade wants to make its native token available to Tier 1 trading partners. To secure such listings, the platform will require more funding. The additional funds will also be used for the Gate.io listing to boost the ICO and make it more successful.

The funds will also be geared toward accelerating product development enabling subscribers to use the strategy builder function, making the backtester tool even more effective.

Beta release of the dashboard

Dash 2 Trade released a beta version of its dashboard on 4 January 2023 to enable traders to sample the available features.

The platform will roll out more features soon, and traders can stay up to date with the releases by subscribing to the platform with an email address. Visit beta.dash2trade.com to test out the platform and discover why there’s been an increase in demand for D2T tokens since the beta release.

One of the key reasons traders have flocked to this platform is that it offers fundamental and technical data.

Combining indicators and market insights provided by Dash 2 Trade enables traders to optimize their positions and enter high-probability trades.

Investors seeking new crypto projects will enjoy Dash 2 Trade’s scoring feature. It informs investors about presales after examining their audits and tokenomics. The platform then scores each project to help investors determine their legitimacy.

The Dash 2 Trade presale launched with high buying demand, raising $500,000 within just 24 hours. The strong buying momentum continued throughout the presale as more investors saw the potential in this innovative platform.

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Other exchange listings confirmed

Investors will have several options when D2T tokens are listed on exchanges. Besides Gate.io, centralized exchanges that will list Dash 2 Trade’s tokens will be LBank, BitMart and Changelly.

A decentralized exchange option will also be available as Uniswap prepares to list D2T. The coin will be listed on all exchanges on the same day.

A key reason that Gate.io may appeal to investors is that it’s ranked 14th on Coingecko and 17th on Marketcap. The exchange’s daily trading volume exceeds $200 million.

Dash 2 Trade features

Dash 2 Trade offers advanced indicators such as moving averages, bands and even orderbook statistics from exchanges.

Subscribers receive market insights by professionals and social indicator alerts to be aware of the market sentiment around certain coins. Knowing those metrics enables investors to enter positions before assets potentially surge.

Another useful feature is on-chain analytics. Dash 2 Trade’s scanners are constantly monitoring popular networks. When unusual wallet movements are detected, they’re flagged and investors are alerted.

This enables investors to monitor what the smart money is doing and position themselves accordingly.

The strategy builder enables traders to build various strategies and test them in simulated environments to determine the most profitable strategies without risking their own money.

Dash 2 Trade will offer social trading by enabling traders to swap ideas and learn from each other. The platform tracks the most profitable strategies and shares them with the community.

Weekly price prediction challenges are offered, and the correct predictions are rewarded. Traders can also enter trading competitions and win prizes. Subscribers also receive access to a members-only Discord group.

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How to buy D2T tokens

With time running out for investors to bag the remaining coins, the most efficient way to buy D2T tokens is by visiting the Dash 2 Trade website.

Investors can use Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH) to exchange for D2T tokens. That requires investors to own a crypto wallet for token storage and connect it to the website to complete the transaction.

Transak has provided an on-ramp facility for investors wanting to use credit cards to buy Ethereum.

Dash 2 Trade’s smartcode has been verified by CoinSniper and audited by SolidProof.

Website: https://dash2trade.com/
Whitepaper: https://dash2trade.com/assets/documents/Whitepaper.pdf

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