D.E.B.T. Ecosystem Partners With RFEG To Support The XPLR Token Project

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Key takeaways:

  • D.E.B.T. enters a partnership with a satellite technology provider RFEG;
  • RFEG’s satellite based XPLR technology allows for more effective and eco-friendly exploration and drilling of natural commodities;
  • The XPLR Token Project will provide the advanced remote sensing and satellite imagery technology to natural resource developers across the world;
  • The XPLR Token Project supports digitalization of traditional commodity production, aiming to create tokenized value for companies engaged in the extraction and sales of raw materials.

The decentralized eco-friendly blockchain technology (D.E.B.T) ecosystem has entered into a partnership with Resonance Frequency Exploration Group (R.F.E.G), a satellite technology provider, to support the further development of the XPLR Token project and effective exploration and production of raw commodities.

RFEG deploys its proprietary XPLR satellite-based, natural resources-focused exploration technology to rapidly identify economically viable properties and provide clients with a clear roadmap for further exploratory work and extraction. As a result, drilling companies require fewer core samples, increasing efficiencies in the production of raw commodities, reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Schad Brannon, founder of RFEG noted “this important partnership will enable faster, more environmentally friendly sub-surface mineral exploration across key public and private sector projects, starting with initiatives in Ghana, West Africa.”

The D.E.B.T. ecosystem is developing the XPLR Token project, which is aimed at providing this XPLR proprietary remote sensing and satellite imagery technology product suite to various natural resource developers around the world. To potentially increase the value of the project and to attract new liquidity, D.E.B.T. has issued XPLR software mining licenses available to the public to participate in this revolutionary technology.

The XPLR technology is also used to support multiple D.E.B.T. blockchain projects, within the ecosystem such as Black Gold (BGLD), Natural Gas (NATG), Digitally Linked Gold (DLG) and other projects.

“The partnership with Resonance Frequency Exploration Group provides extensive opportunities for the XPLR Token project, its license holders and natural resource developers that are committed to our ecosystem. D.E.B.T. sees its mission as two-fold: to bring an environmentally responsible approach to the traditional development and extraction industries by utilizing advanced technology and to create a community that is rewarded through the blockchain for their support of these eco-friendly projects.” Jason Anderson – founder of D.E.B.T. 

About D.E.B.T.

The D.E.B.T. ecosystem is a blockchain-based eco-friendly platform that develops token projects supported by royalties generated by real-world commodities, distribution, and services. D.E.B.T.’s  benchmark projects include Black Gold (BGLD), Natural Gas (NATG), Digitally Linked Gold (DLG), Agricultural Commodities Project (GROW), etc. The D.E.B.T. ecosystem is the platform that strives to unite D.E.B.T. project software license holders with the revolutionary potential of crypto assets and real-world commodities.

About RFEG

Resonance Frequency Exploration Group (RFEG), based in Nevada, USA with operations in Accra, Ghana, deploys a proprietary XPLR satellite-based technology focused on natural resources exploration. RFEG’s advanced technology enables the direct detection and estimated quantities of targeted commodities in the process of pinpointing the most viable drilling areas. This allows to reduce exploration costs and the number of drill holes, minimizing the negative impact on the environment.


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