Crypto job searches surge by 601% in 2022: Coinjournal research

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  • Cryptocurrency job searches have exploded by 601% in 2022.

  • There are 5,700 and 1,062 cryptocurrency-related jobs in the US and UK, respectively.

  • North America has the highest average annual salary for cryptocurrency jobs.

The cryptocurrency industry is fast growing, and the surge in crypto job searches clearly indicates that. Crypto job searches have increased by 601% in 2022. Coinjournal conducted research to determine where the interest is coming from and where people can get crypto-related jobs. 

Blockchain business leaders mostly studied Computer Science, MBA, and Economics

According to Coinjournal research, a large number of blockchain business leaders have degrees in Computer Science, Business and MBA, and Economics. Our data showed that 24.55% of blockchain business leaders studied Computer Science, with Business and MBA taking second place (19.09%). 12.27% of blockchain business leaders have a degree in Economics.

Engineering (2.73%), Management (2.73%), and Philosophy (2.73%) are the least studied courses by blockchain leaders. 

After collecting data from 150 CEO, we saw that 13 blockchain business leaders graduated from the University of California, which is above every other institution in the world. Harvard University and Standford occupy the second and third places and produced 11 and 8 blockchain leaders, respectively. 

The US and UK have more crypto jobs available

Our recent research has revealed that there are more crypto-related jobs in the US and UK than in other countries around the world. The data indicated that there are currently 5,700 crypto-related jobs in the United States, while the United Kingdom has 1,062.

In terms of crypto jobs available relative to the population, Singapore leads the way. There are 159.14 crypto jobs per million people in Singapore, while Luxembourg comes second with 55.59 jobs per million people.

Moving on to blockchain jobs, the United States still takes the lead. There are over 338,000 blockchain-related jobs in the United States. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, comes in second, with more than 83,000 blockchain jobs available. 

Luxembourg takes the first position in terms of blockchain jobs per million. There are 345.89 blockchain listings per million people in Luxembourg, while Singapore comes second with 266.25 blockchain jobs per million people.

Crypto salaries are higher in North America

Cryptocurrency workers in North America outearn those in other continents. According to our research, the average annual crypto salary in North America is $120,000. Remote job comes in second with $110,000, while crypto-related workers in Europe earn around $80,000 annually. 

Africa and South America occupy the last two positions with $47,000 and $42,000, respectively. 

In terms of countries with the highest cryptocurrency salaries, the US and UK are not among the top five. Latvia takes the lead with an average annual salary of $170,000. In second place are Lebanon and The Netherlands, with $150,000. The United States occupies the 10th position, with the average annual crypto salary at $100,000.

Developers make more money than other crypto employees

If you are looking to become a high-earner in the crypto space, then you should consider becoming a developer. Lead developers make more money than everyone else, with an average annual salary of $120,000. Senior developers and smart contract developers also earn an average of $120,000 annually. 

Project manager is the only non-developer role amongst the top 15 on our list, and those who handle such tasks earn roughly $112,000 annually. Social media roles earn the least on our list, with an annual salary of $50,000.

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