Crypto Hedge Fund Linked to FTX Faces $22 Million Lawsuit

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Geneva-based Tyr Capital Partners faces a $22 million quandary tied to the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX. Legal action in the Cayman Islands, spearheaded by the investor group TGT, accuses Tyr Capital of overlooking critical risk management measures and investor cautions regarding its FTX engagement.

This alleged oversight by the crypto hedge fund has led to substantial financial repercussions.

The lawsuit centers on the claim that Tyr Capital did not act quickly enough to FTX’s financial troubles. TGT alleges that although the firm raised concerns to Tyr’s Chief Investment Officer between November 7 and 10, 2022, Tyr waited until November 11, the day FTX declared bankruptcy, to try to withdraw assets.

The crypto hedge fund argues this delay caused substantial losses, leading them to seek control over the remaining assets.

Firmly denying the allegations, Tyr Capital maintains its commitment to regulatory and contractual obligations. The firm underscores its dedication to legal integrity and has chosen to withhold detailed comments due to the ongoing investigations.

“Given there are ongoing investigations as a result of these false claims, we cannot comment in detail as we refuse to prejudice those investigations. There is no valid legal claim that can be asserted,” Tyr said.

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This lawsuit underscores the intricate and high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments. The ripple effects of FTX’s collapse have extended far, affecting stakeholders from hedge funds like Tyr Capital to charitable organizations like the Effective Ventures Foundation, which has pledged to return $26.8 million in donations amid its legal challenges.

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Moreover, FTX actively pursues recovery efforts and asset liquidations to ameliorate liquidity and settle creditor claims. A pivotal court filing disclosed FTX’s intention to sell its subsidiary, Digital Custody Inc., to CoinList for $500,000—a stark contrast to its initial purchase price. This sale is a key component of FTX’s strategy to liquidate assets and stabilize financially, aiming to fulfill the claims of its numerous creditors.


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