Crypto and Climate Change: How IMPT is Revolutionizing the Industry

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Blockchain has long been accused of aggravating the climate crisis. But things are starting to look up now, with the industry’s move to energy-efficient consensus mechanisms. The recent Ethereum Merge further instills confidence in the future of blockchain technology. 

In fact, the industry is introducing novel applications to reduce the global carbon footprint. The latest Web3 project to make a tangible contribution to the fight against global warming and climate change is IMPT. The platform helps each individual and business offset their carbon footprint in an easy and secure way. 

Let’s find out what IMPT is and how it makes a difference. 

Carbon Offsetting, Simplified 

Harmful emissions must be cut down to curb the temperature rise for our future generations. However, it is impractical to halt all activities that emit harmful gas into the atmosphere.

IMPT Environmental Projects

Instead, there are schemes designed to make equivalent reductions in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting allows companies and individuals to compensate for CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits and indirectly participating in these schemes. They are tradable certificates that prove that one ton of CO2 (or the equivalent) has been removed from the atmosphere.

While many companies are obligated to offset carbon by regulatory requirements, you can also buy carbon credit voluntarily. Despite the many advantages of carbon offsetting, it is not popular. The carbon market is complex, especially for volunteer buyers. And earning a carbon credit is tricky and tedious. 

IMPT simplifies carbon offsetting. 

It allows you to join an impactful carbon offset program by investing in the IMPT token. The ecosystem makes this possible by connecting socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, you can collect carbon credits by buying them from the IMPT marketplace or earning them while shopping. The blockchain make-up of IMPT empowers you to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits while avoiding double counting and fraud. 

How IMPT Helps You Contribute to Climate Action

IMPT is joining forces with prominent retailers to help users offset their carbon footprint while shopping. The brands set aside a percentage of their sales margin to impact projects, which accrues into the customers’ accounts as IMPT tokens. You can convert these tokens into carbon credits once they accumulate to a significant amount. 

This is how you can purchase a carbon credit from IMPT:

  • STEP 1: Sign up on IMPT 
  • STEP 2: Buy IMPT tokens with your crypto or card
  • STEP 3: Convert your IMPT tokens to carbon credits, which are tokenized as NFTs to ensure better transparency and traceability. 
  • STEP 4: List and trade your carbon credits on the IMPT marketplace — a place to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits. 

You can now hold your NFTs as an investment or burn your carbon credit token to offset your carbon footprint. This way, IMPT prevents fraud and double counting in the carbon market. Each time you burn the NFT, you get a collectible NFT in exchange that features unique artwork.

IMPT also introduces the first-of-its-kind social platform that tracks your contribution to climate action. You accrue IMPT points based on your activity on the platform. You can increase your IMPT points in different ways, including shopping, getting an NFT carbon credit, referring new users, and retiring your carbon credits. 

Impact EU

Businesses, on the other hand, can earn IMPT points by integrating their stores into the platform. The goal is to popularize carbon offsetting. IMPT is built on Ethereum as the blockchain has brought down its energy consumption by 99.99% after the merge. Moreover, the network’s security system is currently unparalleled in the industry.

Join IMPT Presale and Invest in the Environment 

IMPT paves the way for the mass adoption of carbon offsetting through Web3 incentivization. If the project unfolds as planned, it has the potential to inspire more people to join the fight against global warming. 

Out of the 3 billion IMPT tokens available, the project has already sold 10% to early adopters at $0.0120. Stock up on IMPT tokens early at a discounted price during the presale phase to sweep the highest returns. 

The IMPT presale is live from October. It is divided into three stages, as listed below: 

Presale – 1600,000,000 tokens (20%)$0.018
Presale – 2660,000,000 tokens (22%)$0.023
Presale – 3540,000,000 tokens (18%)$0.028

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