Could Oryen 2x price increase in its ICO overcome the popularity of Big Eyes and Tamadoge presales?

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Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are a proven way to kickstart crypto projects, and investors are looking for projects with the highest potential for growth, expansion, and, ultimately, success. Even in declining crypto markets, many projects are still under development – each with a unique value proposition for investors and general crypto enthusiasts.

Through 2022, tokens offering presales have recorded very little activity as investors await the dust to settle amid chaotic markets. One protocol, however, is taking the DeFi space by storm. Oryen Network has added more members to its community in one month and is recording hyper-activity on its platform. So, could Oryen’s presale be the biggest one yet this year?

A Bang for Your Buck

Most ICOs are experiments to evaluate the possibility of success for a project. While your investments may grow for a short period, returns will eventually peak and begin declining. Whether you are a seasoned crypto user or new to the game, evaluating a project’s potential may be daunting.

A simplified way of identifying a project with long-term prospects is by analyzing its concept – how it works and the value it offers to users. While you may be inclined to focus on returns rather than use cases, the project’s utilities will sustain prolonged success. The one DeFi token with an ongoing presale that checks both boxes is Oryen.

Oryen has built a powerful staking platform, leveraging security and decentralization on the Binance Smart Chain to provide guaranteed yields to holders of its native token, ORY. In addition, all smart contracts are audited regularly by SolidProof to prevent possible vulnerabilities and secure network operations. Further, an anti-whale tax is employed to ensure a censorship-proof staking ecosystem.

Uniquely, Oryen offers a self-sustaining 90% APY for users who stake ORY. That’s not all! The payable interest is guaranteed, so you are sure of a steady revenue stream as soon as every hour.

A Better Deal?

Whether Oryen is a better deal or not, compared to meme coins like Big Eyes and Tamadoge, remains to be seen. However, both BIG and TAMA offer a play-to-earn approach and solid communities to build on, nurtured during their highly successful ICOs, which Oryen aims to mimic.

That being said, early investors who joined Oryen’s presale in phase one are already 100% up, and more upside is to be expected. Building on this confidence, more investors have joined the ongoing presale, with the prospects of life-changing returns.


Topping the popularity among altcoins with presales has highlighted the Oryen popularity within DeFi communities. In addition, Oryen’s Autostaking Technic (OAT) will play a vital role in the success of the ongoing presale. For investors, there could be no better passive income project this year.

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