Cosmos Shows Strength. GFOX Presale Hits Major Milestone

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The crypto market has been booming since October, and several digital currencies have reached their ATHs.

However, things changed suddenly on December 10 and 11. There were big sell-offs worth about $300 million, and this caused many cryptos to nosedive. 

BTC dropped from over $44k to $40k in minutes, and ETH also dropped, going from around $2.3k to about $2,2k. While market giants dip, Cosmos (ATOM) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX) look very promising. 

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Galaxy Fox is unique thanks to its versatile utility and innovative P2E gaming model.

The game is set in a virtual world where players guide foxes through various adventures and challenges. Participants earn digital assets and GFOX, the platform’s own crypto, for their achievements in the game.

The project has also introduced a collection of 3,000 unique NFTs, which are special because they can be used within the game as performance boosters. These NFTs are available to mint in the Galaxy Fox’s official marketplace. 

Market analysts are optimistic about Galaxy Fox’s potential, especially since it brings considerable utility to the meme coin sector. The value of GFOX has already increased by more than 70% to $0.001122, 

This project has so far raised over $1 million in their early presale stages.

Cosmos (ATOM) Rebounds While ETH Dips

Cosmos has recently shown an impressive performance despite a generally bearish sentiment. It had a significant 25% rise in value and reached a new annual high before running into resistance at $12. 

While there is some negative pressure on the price right now, the future seems bright. There is a chance that ATOM can restore its previous momentum and test its new resistance levels, perhaps hitting $12.9 if the bulls can keep the price above the $11 support level. On the other hand, if negative patterns continue, the price may test lower support levels and fall below $9.5.

Meanwhile, ETH, the second-largest crypto, dropped to $ 2.2k on Wednesday. This decrease is part of a broader downturn in the market that began on Monday. This is probably because investors are on high alert ahead of major economic events, such as CPI and FED’s last meeting of 2023.Overall, Ethereum is now in a key demand zone, which means these market events could greatly influence its next price movement.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox is gearing up for Stage 4 of its presale, with a built-in 18% increase in token price and demand has been running high, with over 1 billion tokens already sold.

Learn more about GFOX here: Galaxy Fox Presale | Community


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