Chronocatz vs Azuki: Which is better in the long-run?

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Investing in a non-fungible token could be tricky, especially for newcomers. There are so many projects, with some commanding astronomical prices even in the current bear market. Those who only follow the trends and hype may be attracted by the most popular projects. But for a sincere investor, quality and long-term potential always come first. Moreover, it is also important to conduct thorough research to make an informed choice. While non-fungible tokens are risky digital assets, a wise investor can try to minimize the risks by purchasing NFTs with utility that has the potential to rise faster and remain viable in the long-run. In this context, we take a look at a new NFT project Chronocatz, and an already popular collection called Azuki.

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Azuki: Quick rise, Surprise Controversy

Azuki is currently ranked 6th in CoinmarketCap’s list of top NFT collections with a 24 hour volume of 67.59 ETH and a floor price of 9.7 ETH. Featuring 10,000 anime-inspired NFTs, Azuki has enjoyed unrivaled hype in a very quick time. But there has also been a surprising controversy around this project.

As a profile picture project (PFP), Azuki project burst onto the NFT scene in January 2022. It quickly emerged as one of the fastest growing NFT projects. However, in May, Azuki’s creator, Zagabond, found himself surrounded in a controversy involving allegations of the rug-pull with his previous failed projects like Tendies, CryptoZunks, and CryptoPhunks. While Zagabond denied all allegations, the controversy pulled Azuki’s price down to 10.2 ETH from 19 ETH. The current floor price of Azuki is still under 10 ETH.

Azuki project now seems to have recovered from the controversy. Its creator, Chiru Labs, has reportedly raised $30 million in series A round. However, this is yet to be confirmed officially.

Chronocatz: A New NFT project from the trusted Chronoly Brand

Chronocatz is the new NFT project from the developers of, a 24/7 Ethereum-based watch investment platform. Chronoly has been in the market for quite some time and has already wowed investors with its rapidly growing CRNO utility tokens and watch NFTs. With Chronocatz, Chronoly is taking the NFT experience to the next level.

Chronocatz is a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs, which are more than just profile pictures. Each Chronocat is a piece of art, hand drawn by Chronoly’s team of artists. The collection features more than 2000 unique and original traits. The most unique feature is the watch on each Chronocat. The rarer the watch, the rarer the NFT.

A Chronocat NFT opens the door to the Chronocratz Society, comprising a global Chrono Wealth Club of just 7,777 members offering an opportunity to participate in exclusive luxury watch auctions, NFT airdrops, and network with the members. Chronocatz owners also enjoy discounts on trading, storage, and insurance fees along with extra staking reward bonuses.

Chronocatz NFTs are currently on public sale where over 2300 NFTs have already been sold. The mint price for 1 Chronocat is 0.11 ETH.

Chronocatz or Azuki: Which is better?

The NFT market experience of the last two years has shown that new projects with unique offerings have better chances of growing faster than the already existing tokens. The current low price of Chronocatz offers a huge potential of growth, considering Chronoly is a full ecosystem for luxury watch lovers, which is already a huge market in its own right. While Azuki has been in a controversy and the mysteries surrounding the project raises questions over its long-term viability, Chronoly platform has a clean track record so far. It is trying to create value for buyers by offering NFTs backed by real-world luxury watches. Therefore, Chronocatz may be better for the long-term under current circumstances.

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