Chronocatz or Tamadoge: Which NFTs Will Rule?

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The world of non-fungible token investing is still seeing a host of new drops and Tamadoge is linked to the Tamadoge (TAMA) platform. The NFT collection will consist of 21,100 Tamadoge’s but the first drop was only 100 ultra-rare NFTs. Tamadoge has a good roadmap with the project planning to embrace the play-to-earn blockchain gaming theme and the TAMA coin will have utility in the ecosystem. Some of that is still to be developed and the NFTs can be an option for investors in the short run.

Chronocatz is a new collection from the Chronoly (CRNO) decentralized trading platform for luxury watches. This project looks to tie NFTs to real-world assets and could attract more serious investors who want access to the exclusive NFT drops of luxury watches. The project is also targeting the metaverse and there is utility available from staking CRNO tokens so these projects do have similarities.

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Tamadoge Needs Meme Coin Success

Tamadoge will need to see meme coin activity in its NFTs and tokens which could take time. The NFTs are a step in the right direction and investors should look to the next drops. The initial 100 cards had a floor price of 5 ETH, which is around $6,500 per NFT and there could be better value in the next token drops. Tamadoge’s can help you gain access to the project leaderboard and earn the TAMA coin as a reward. The outlook for this project is good as investors will like the Dogecoin ties and gamers will like the Tamagotchi-inspired play-to-earn features.

Chronocatz is One for the Serious Investor

The Chronocatz project will attract serious investors due to its ties with the luxury watch market. Timepieces have proved to be a valuable asset class for decades and do not need play-to-earn gimmicks to provide a return. Since the stock market bubble popped in January 2022, top brands such as Rolex are up 17% according to the Subdial 50. Others have performed even better with a Patex Philipe Nautilus up over 30%. The Chronoly platform will bring that market to the blockchain and democratize it.

The Chronocatz NFTs are 7,777 unique Cat characters and each has unique traits with the most important being the real-world luxury watch they are wearing. The rarity of the watch will determine the rarity of the NFT in a 1-6 tier reward system will holders getting access to the private members club: Chrono Wealth Club. The types of rewards available range from exclusive watch NFT drops, higher staking yields, to private auctions. While Tamadoge will need a meme coin surge, Chronocatz can benefit from investor appetite for luxury watch brands.

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