Chronocatz, Doodles, and Moonbirds: Top Utility NFT Projects

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Utility NFTs are unique. They are unique in that they go beyond the definition of a standard “digital collectible,” expanding the possibility of what they can do. Utility NFTs are specifically defined as virtual assets that grant their owners access to advantages, rewards, or privileges that are not generally available with traditional NFTs.

Chronocatz NFTs

Chronocatz is a new collection of unique sets of 7,777 NFTs. The decentralized luxury watch trading platform Chronoly (CRNO) is responsible for the new collection. This project seeks to link NFTs to tangible assets and has been able to draw serious investors looking for access to the limited-edition NFT drops of high-end watches.

Chronocatz integrates real-world utility with web3. The one-of-a-kind Chronocat NFT serves as an entryway into the Chrono Wealth Club, a community with a cap of 7,777 (amount available for mint) people. Holders will have special access through their Chronocatz NFT to parties, merchandise, and offline and online networking events. Rarity of the NFTs is determined by the luxury watch the Catz are wearing. The project has generated over 1300 NFT sales during its whitelist mint phase and sold out its private mint phase. The great news is, the public mint for the collection is now live and ends in less than 18 days.

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Doodles Collection

The project is a community-driven one made of 10,000 non-fungible tokens composed of vibrant images created by Burnt Toast, the pseudonym of Canadian artist Scott Martin. The whimsical characters donning animal costumes, vibrant jewellery, sunglasses, and other accessories are depicted in the hand-drawn pastel pictures. Non-human figures such as pickles, cats, skeletons, and gorillas are also sprinkled throughout the collection.

Doodle holders can vote on experiences, activations, and initiatives that benefit the community in the Doodles Community Treasury, also known as the Doodlebank. It holds money for future growth. Additionally, users have the option of submitting draft proposals, which the community votes on before the team implements them. Holders also have the opportunity to vote collectively for upcoming releases and events.

Moonbirds Collection

Moonbirds, which adheres to the ERC-721 standard on Ethereum’s blockchain ecosystem, is a limited collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens. The NFTs, which recently debuted include images of “owls,” one of the nocturnal family’s most enigmatic members. The collection also includes a variety of unique traits that give each token in the collection a unique personality and make them rare investments. The group known as PROOF is responsible for creating the collection. According to the NFT portal’s official website, Moonbirds stands for utility-focused PFPs that provide holders with a variety of options to profit from.

The project’s main goal is to replicate successful PFP programs, but also to offer several other benefits to Moonbird owners. Holding a Moonbird, for instance, also grants access to a Discord server that is NFT-gated. Once inside, visitors have access to exclusive Moonbirds channels that provide details on impending drops, neighbourhood activities, nesting, and other topics.

While Doodle and Moonbirds offer real-world utilities, Chronocatz NFTs take it further by being linked to genuine watches with real world value. This offers security and safety strengthening their real-world utility role.

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