Chronocatz and Azuki: Two NFTs to Watch Out For

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Due to the surging popularity of NFTs there are hundreds of new collections being minted each year. With every collection competing to find a new niche in the market, investor attention has been drawn to two popular releases: Azuki and Chronocatz.

Azuki is an NFT project that seeks  to capitalise on the success of other similar PFP based collections (such as the prestigious Bored Apes by Yuga Labs). Characterised by its distinctive anime themed artwork, it has seen some increase in popularity since its launch on January 12, 2022.

Chronocatz is a brand-new collection of 7,777 unique NFTs that was recently released by the team behind, a decentralized platform for the fractional trading of real-world luxury watches. Chronocatz NFTs have been extremely popular with holders of projects like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. Their value is supported by real-world utility on offer where holders of the NFT receive exclusive access to a luxury watch club called the Chrono Wealth Club.

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The Azuki Project: A New Entry IntoThe PFP Niche

The Azuki project is a generative NFT project that features 10,000 unique NFTs characterised by the anime style PFPs. Similar to other PFP projects, each token within the collection is the result of a selection of traits – including clothing, hairstyles, accessories and even weapons.

Most people consider art to be an important factor when it comes to generative NFTs. It’s an important niche within the industry and it sets the standard for other projects, however the frequency of certain traits is usually the deciding factor in the rarity and subsequent value of NFTs such as Azuki.

In April 2022, Azuki launched its biggest expansion to date with the release of the Azuki Beanz collection.

The Azuki Beanz collection was released as a free gift to the holders of the original NFT release of the brand. It was created to expand the Azuki universe without diluting its original 10,000 supply. Like other similar expansions, such as Mutant Apes and Space Doodles, the Beanz expansion was able to capitalize on the brand’s popularity.

Chronocatz Soars To New Heights After Private Mint Concludes

Created by the team behind, a decentralised luxury watch trading platform, Chronocatz is quickly becoming a leader in the NFT marketplace. The company has 7,777 NFTs in the collection, and each one depicts a feline avatar with their own unique clothing and accessories. However, the most important trait is the watch the cat is wearing, which is based on a real-life luxury timepiece.

The rarity of the NFT is determined by the watch, and depending on this rarity holders will be eligible for numerous perks and benefits as a part of the Chrono Wealth Club. Functioning as a members club that can be accessed by all Chronocatz holders, the rarity of  a Chronocatz NFT will correspond to a tiered membership (1-6) that grants early access to new drops, priority bidding at auctions, and a higher percentage of staking funds. Since the NFTs are tied to real-world luxury timepieces, their floor price is expected to increase in the future as the value of the luxury watch market appreciates.

After completing a second round of sales, Chronocatz sold over 2,100 NFTs. This impressive achievement places the project ahead of its competitors, and has rallied investor interest in the long term as an innovative new entry into the NFT market.

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