Chiliz and VeChain Price Prediction: Everlodge Taps Into The Multi-Trillion Real Estate Industry

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The crypto market has entered another Uptober, and investors are buzzing with speculations. As expected, several coins are making headlines due to their potential. Among these headliners are Chiliz and VeChain. In this article, we will cover their potential price trajectories and why Everlodge has been making waves in the multi-trillion real estate industry.

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Chiliz Price Forecast in the Potentially Bullish Uptober

Chiliz (CHZ) is a blockchain project designed chiefly for sports and entertainment. So far, the Chiliz crypto has garnered support from major sports teams launching their fan token on its network. As a rare niche, the Chiliz network has so far dominated the crypto sports space.

Recently the project partnered with Tottenham Hotspurs, one of the biggest football teams in England. As a result, crypto analysts are bullish about the token for Uptober. Since dropping to $0.055 in mid-September, the price of the Chiliz has increased to $0.06081 in October.

Currently trading in the $0.06081 range, Chiliz is in a key range for a potential rally. The $0.0600 support level could be pivotal for a rally in October. Many crypto analysts have predicted that the Chiliz price could increase to $0.07500 in Uptober.

VeChain Prepares To Expand DeFi Ecosystem

In early October, the VeChain European developer teams converged to strategize and prioritize its 2024 tech and infrastructure roadmap. Shortly after, the team announced that they would be adding more powerful tools in the coming months for the VeChain network.

The team teased the launch of a brand-new SDK to foster the development of its DeFi network. In addition, the project will kick off a Hackathon with 200 developers from Harvard University. The increasing development can be felt in the VeChain coin, VET.

Since bottoming at $0.014 in September, the price of VeChain has increased to as high as $0.0180. However, it later declined back to $0.01675. Despite its current decline, crypto experts have forecasted a rally to $0.0250 for the VeChain price.


Everlodge Taps Into Multi-Trillion Real Estate Industry

According to recent data, the global real estate market’s value is over $280 trillion. Additionally, experts anticipate the vacation rental market to grow by 4.7% annually until 2030. Everlodge is tapping into this massive industry with the world’s first vacation home co-ownership platform on the blockchain.

Utilizing fractionalization of NFTs, Everlodge seeks to open up this industry to every investor.  Properties will be listed on the platform as NFTs. These NFTs can be divided to as little as $100. This model will allow investors to co-own hotels, villas, and vacation homes without necessarily having the full funds to back this ownership.

In addition, the Everlodge ecosystem will feature a Launchpad. Via this Launchpad, property developers will have the opportunity to raise capital for upcoming developments from community members. These members will, in turn, benefit from getting into projects early.

Everlodge has launched a presale for its own native token called ELDG. The token is used for transactions within the Everlodge ecosystem. ELDG gives you discounts and extra benefits, like free nights in their property catalog. Everdodge at its presale, selling for $0.019 per token. However, crypto experts have forecasted a rally to $0.50 for ELDG this year.

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