ChatGPT Disables Web Browsing Feature

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OpenAI has temporarily disabled the beta feature of ChatGPT called “Browse with Bing.” The feature was available to premium ChatGPT Plus subscribers but went quiet from July 3, 2023.

“Browse with Bing” allowed users to use the internet to help ChatGPT fulfill more recent queries. Without the feature, ChatGPT is only able to make use of information available before September 2021. This decision was a precautionary measure after discovering that the feature sometimes displays content in unintended ways. For instance, if a user specifically requests the full text of a URL, it may inadvertently provide it.

“Browse With Bing” Gave ChatGPT Access to Newer Information

In a short statement, OpenAI said the company was taking this step out of caution and to “do right by content owners.”

OpenAI launched its ChatGPT Plus feature in February 2023. Only months after the AI chatbot launched on November 30, 2022. The premium package offered an “experimental” version that would provide faster response times, limited downtime, and priority access to new features.

Earlier this year, the chatbot made news when users unexpectedly saw the chat histories of other users. The left-hand sidebar of the user interface stores previous prompts and interactions. Temporarily, that sidebar displayed the histories of other users.

A month later, the AI giant announced it was partnering with Bugcrowd on a own Bug Bounty programme. The company offered a range of incentives depending on the severity of the issue round. A minimum of $200 was available for minor findings, along with a maximum of $20,000 for exceptional discoveries. 


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