CannaDAO announces the coming of a new web3 ecosystem, as the reveal of their ambitious rebrand is due this month

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On October 20, the team of CannaDao project announced that the results of their comprehensive rebranding will be live by the end of this month.

The new brand reimagines CannaDao’s goals of providing market access to all members and identifying and debunking cannabis stigmas. The original CannaDAO infrastructure has been left intact; what’s new is everything else.

Much of the team building the new enterprise is made up of the old band (which includes the CEO and founder of both, Eric Benz).

Yet more senior talent has been added; the team heading into launch includes several software engineers, a design team, scientists with cannabis expertise, expert researchers, policy analysts, user experience consultants, content marketing professionals and story writers.

The new brand will initiate its mixed media presence in sync with the launch of its all-new website and original white paper.

“The rebrand is ready for a full reveal; we’re watching for the week the stars align — between now and the end of the month,” said CannaDao CEO Eric Benz. “During the process of rebranding, the team and I focused on the value of re-uniting hemp with humanity. It became the number one value of the new brand, as you’ll see later this month. We realized we must arrive at a place where legal and social threats to cannabis are no longer operative anywhere in the world,” said Mr. Benz.

Benz also promised a future announcement in the coming days that includes the date of the launch, the new tools and benefits of the new web3 portal, the updated LEEF-vision, as well as new branding  and socials.

About CannaDAO

CannaDAO billed itself, The Bloomberg of Cannabis and its slogan was “The future of finance is green”. It offered data coverage with its app and access to an ecosystem to connect enthusiasts, professionals, newcomers and experts in a self-governing community. CannaDAO was also a decentralized platform for indexing and ratings analysis.

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