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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made many millionaires in 2021. However, the 10-month-long crypto bear market, which started in January 2022, has taken a toll on many NFT projects and depleted the wealth of collectors. In such a gloomy market, you may be wondering whether there is an NFT that can still make you a millionaire? We believe Chronocatz NFTs have the potential to do that. Before we look at this collection in more detail, it is important to note that the bear market may have bottomed out with digital assets showing more than expected resilience in the last few months.

While it may still take several more months for the markets to get back into full flow, an uptrend is just around the corner. That said, following are five reasons that make Chronocatz NFTs the potential asset to make you a millionaire.

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Blue-chip asset feature: Membership to an exclusive and valuable club

What makes Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) one of the most valuable NFT projects? It is not just the NFT but the membership to the exclusive Yacht Club with special perks such as private online spaces, members-only live events and more. Chronocatz NFTs also offer this blue-chip value. Chronocatz NFT holders get access to a private wealth club, which will be a global community of just 7,777 members. Chrono Wealth Club is no ordinary club but a community of luxury watch collectors who can grow their wealth and network through a number of members only areas on the Chronoly ecosystem.

Stability and safety of investment

Unlike many overhyped NFT projects, Chronocatz NFTs bring some stability to investment as they are linked to, a 24/7 luxury watch investment platform based on the blockchain. The Chronoly platform is powered by popular CRNO tokens and fractionalized NFTs of luxury watches, with each non-fungible token backed by a real world physical luxury watch. There is no such NFT project that is linked to an actual real-world asset.

Unique NFT, which is more than just a picture

While a large number of NFT projects are mere photos in essence, Chronocatz NFTs are something more. Each Chronocat NFT is a piece of art, hand drawn by a team of artists. These cats have over 200 unique and original traits including hats, clothes, eyes, fur and more. The biggest trait of each cat is the watchthey are wearing.

As the rarity of the watch grows, the cat becomes rarer, resulting in a growth in its value and the potential to command a higher price in future. Moreover, a Chronocat holder enjoys special perks in the Chronoly marketplace and ecosystem. These perks work on a tiering system from 1-6 where the ultra rare Chronocat NFT holder falls in tier 1 and enjoys benefits like 0% trading fees, 168 hours priority access to NFT drops, extra staking bonus of 5%, voting rights, and more.

Steady growth projection for luxury watch market

As Chronocatz is developed by people behind the Chronoly marketplace, it makes sense to talk about the luxury watch market as well. Rare and luxury watches have always been treated and held as valuable assets by collectors. In the last few years, this market has seen steady growth and is expected to remain on this trajectory in the years to come. According to a McKinsey report, the global watch market’s value is expected to grow to $52-59 billion by 2025. Of this, the share of the luxury watch segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 3% to 64%.

NFT bull run is just around the corner

The next NFT and crypto bull run is just around the corner. Markets are expected to gain momentum next year. The US Fed has been on a liquidity tightening drive to control excessive inflations. Analysts are predicting that the inflation numbers would be significantly reduced in the next few quarters. Thus, one can expect the start of another bull run in the digital assets markets. Projects with unique features and solid fundamentals would be the frontrunners in the next bull run. With all its special features, Chronocatz could well be on these frontrunners.

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