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Crypto Bull Run arrives early

Bitcoin has always been a good indicator of the overall cryptocurrency market in general, one of the reasons being its popularity.

Bitcoin’s price went over $68,000 in the last year of November, but came crashing down to $17,500 in 2022 losing up to two thirds of its value. Few experts say that Bitcoin has already reached its bottom line, while others predict it can go further down till $10,000 in 2022 itself.

Cryptocurrencies are known for having a volatile nature, and so it is advised by almost every expert to keep your crypto investments to as low as 5% of your portfolio.

The market for cryptocurrencies is declining as a result of a number of issues, including growing inflation, a wobbly stock market, rising interest rates, and recessionary fear.

Before looking at the price fluctuations that Bitcoin has been facing lately, let us see what Bitcoin is and how it works, in brief.

Many users have been veering towards ICO projects that have gained massive media attention lately as they bring investors potential earnings in the millions and some even see up to billions of dollars in annual returns as these so called meme coins scour the internet.

The face behind bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency used for making payments. It is currently the most famous cryptocurrency across the globe.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name behind Bitcoins who wanted to replace banks with a peer-to-peer payment system which is free of a central authority like the central bank or the government.

Bitcoins are based on blockchain technology, which is a secure ledger that can’t be altered by external entities and hence ensures secure transactions.

Although it’s been a rocky start for Bitcoin, experts still speculate that Bitcoin would hit up to $75,000 by the end of this year. Let us see how.

With the current red-hot inflation which is also expected to continue for coming months, investors seem to be moving away from cash towards value investments.

Bitcoin is viewed as a reliable hedge against growing inflation, mainly because of its limited supply. The high demand for these limited coins will surely lead to higher prices in future.

Another reason why bitcoin is credible is its accessibility. And lastly, it is durable and will continue to have higher demands in future.

Over the last few weeks, Bitcoin’s intrinsic qualities like being a robust, decentralized, impenetrable, non confiscatable monetary system were laid bare specially because of the ongoing geopolitical issues. It is believed the case is nothing but stronger for both cryptocurrency and bitcoins. This is mainly why Bitcoin is expected to recover from the crash and hit a new all-time high in 2022.

Last year, it was easier to predict Bitcoin price to hit $100,000, but it is not so after its big fall, and this has resulted in the prediction game getting trickier this year.

The most extreme skeptics go by saying Bitcoin coin price will hit $10,000 by the end of this year. However in the long run, it is still predicted to hit $100,000 like last year’s predictions, just at a slightly slower pace. As the author of ‘Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies’ Kiana Danial says, “What I expect from Bitcoin is volatility short-term and growth long-term.”

From what we understand, the volatility that Bitcoin offers can only be used for high profit returns when investors pay keen attention to not just major financial revolutions but also to subtler aspects concerning Bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

Since the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, there aren’t any set rules or user-friendly guides, therefore it’s crucial to be patient when investing your hard-earned money in it.

One should do enough research and look at every type of currency with an open mind, whether it has been around for a longer time or is recently introduced. In this article we talk about one such form of cryptocurrency that has been turning heads since it launched.

Why Toon Finance ICO deserves your attention!

Cryptocurrency is touching heights since it has been accepted worldwide by investors and traders, and also by big corporations. One such instance being Tesla recently announcing that it will accept payment in the form of DOGE, a meme coin.

Several nations are beginning to acknowledge the usefulness and distinct nature of cryptocurrencies. El Salvador being the first to accept cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

New tokens are coming up every moment and people in large quantities are taking interest in them. One such token that is getting all the hype is Toon Finance Coin, which definitely deserves every bit of the attention because of its distinctive features and great potential.

Why exactly is Toon Finance Coin gaining all that rage would be a great question that we will try to answer through this article.

The Toonie Takeover

The Toon Finance coin has been successfully taking over the meme coin industry. Inspired from cute, cuddly toon characters, these coins are the hottest trend in the crypto world right now.

Toon Finance coin is a DEX token (Decentralized Exchange Token) that was introduced around 4 months ago. It is not just a meme coin as Toon Finance is trying to build a robust ecosystem comprising many things like a Decentralized Exchange platform, a cross-chain bridge, a metaverse for the gaming community and a lot more.

The Toon Finance coin is going quite strong and experts made predictions on how it will have a major impact on the crypto market in coming times.

Toon Finance has recently launched its ICO on October 16, where 50% of the total coins are in presale. There are a total of 1 billion Toon Finance coins.

The first ICO presale has been a major success and sold over 3 million dollars worth of TFTs in the first week itself. It continues to get massive support from investors, traders and media groups from across the world.

You may be wondering what would be the benefits of investing your hard-earned money in Toon Finance Coins, don’t worry we have got you covered!

Benefits of investing in Toon Finance Coin

Before coming to any conclusion, it is important to first look at the various aspects of Toon Finance.

Toon Finance is working hard in developing a distinct, robust and decentralized exchange platform that would allow investors to trade coins without much hassle in an environment of safety and trust.

A Decentralized Exchange Platform removes the need of a central authority and hence offers more flexibility. Along with that, the need for a central server to store data is also eliminated. There are multiple benefits of DEX which we have covered below.

  1. High Security. There is no specific point of attack for cybercriminals due to the lack of a central server. This makes the platform secure and more functional for the users.’
  2. Greater anonymity. There is no demand for personal information while buying Toon Finance coins even in the second presale, unlike other centralized exchanges. Your name and address are not revealed even while registering, leading to greater anonymity.
  3. Affordable. The Toon Finance Coin is new and hence it is more affordable than other meme coins so far. You just have to pay a minor entry fee to the blockchain you use, and not to any middle man due to the decentralized nature of the coin, which makes it a lot more affordable.
  4. Easy accessibility. There is no time-consuming registration process for buying Toon Finance Coins which makes it more accessible to investors.

Another thing Toon Finance would offer to the gaming community is a metaverse of its own. Various NFTs are also expected to be released in order to be kept as investments or used for participating in the Space Grounds game, which is being developed by Toon Finance as well.

The Space bridge, that is a cross-chain bridge, is also being developed by Toon Finance which would be responsible for managing communication and effective interoperability among two blockchain networks. This would allow easy exchange of data between the networks and will allow users to connect applications, protocols or assets. As a result, you can use both BTC and ETH for trading Toon Finance Coins by linking them through Space bridge.

Toon Finance has been listed on trusted and influential platforms like Crypto.com and CoinMarketCap.com which has given a certain validation to the meme coin and has added to its overall credibility.

A coin can touch its peak and succeed only when it adds worth to the life of people and the Toon Finance coin is already seen doing that to a large extent.

Toon Finance Team of experienced blockchain and dapp specialists

Toon Finance already has a high supply and demand leading to a great media coverage and finding exposure through news channels.

It’s been around 4 months since the coin was launched, and it already seems to have gained a massive popularity among investors, traders, and media professionals. Hence, its value is expected to rise dramatically in the coming months.

The main reason behind such success is the commitment of the team behind Toon Finance and the idea of presale, which has been a huge hit. The first presale was a major success, being sold out in the first week itself, and now the second presale is already live.

The developers are focussed on bringing 10,000 toonie characters through the NFT project.

Along with that, there are incentives such as free NFT Mint passes for the first 1,000 investors. It would be best to hop on the Toon Finance protocol and be a part of such an interesting initiative.

Benefits of investing in ICO presales such as Toon Finance

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a term that is quite familiar, but ICO presale is something that might sound new to a whole lot of people.

ICO presale is a chance for early investors to hop onto the project even before the ICO goes live, if they want higher returns.

Here are a few benefits of joining the presale as early as possible.

  • The biggest advantage of joining the presale would be getting awesome discounts ranging from 10-30%. In addition to discounts on tokens, there are bonuses such as access to some features or invitations to private events that early investors might receive.
  • As an early investor, you are not only accessing the discounts or bonuses but are being a part of the venture and can contribute towards shaping its direction.You are giving the project a boost and contributing towards its success.
  • When you invest early, you are investing at a time when there is less risk involved, as there is almost no competition. This can result in high Return On Investment (ROI) for the early birds.

Steps for buying Toon Finance Coins

If you are finally thinking of getting your hands on the cute little TFTs, you just need to follow the given steps.

  • Download a crypto wallet application of your choice which acts as your bank account while purchasing Toon Finance Coins. Examples of such wallets are MetaMask and TrustWallet.
  • After downloading the wallet, fill it up with the desired amount of Ethereum.
  • Next step is to go to the Toon Finance buy page and connect your wallet to the website.
  • As the next step, you can simply enter the amount (in ETH) you wish to exchange for TFTs, on the same Toon Finance buy page.
  • Once you complete the transaction, your share of TFTs will be successfully transferred to your account.

The speed at which the coins are selling is a clear indication for you to head over to their website as quickly as possible, and get your hands on your favorite coins.

Toon Finance Website and Presale links below :

Website: https://toon.finance/

Presale: https://buy.toon.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToonSwapFinance

Telegram: https://t.me/ToonSwapFinance

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/toon-finance/


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