Bitget shares latest insight in social trading at Token 2049 Singapore

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Seychelles, October 06 2022 – Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget participated in Token 2049 Singapore, the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week in Singapore. As one of the largest crypto conferences around the world, Token 2049 invited top speakers across Asia and the world, to share their innovative and keen insights on the crypto world. Among this, Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, talked about her observations and views on Social Trading and “Women in Crypto”.

In a keynote speech titled “How Social Trading is Revolutionising Investing” Gracy shared the latest trends and insights in social trading for cryptocurrency, as Bitget is a trailblazer in crypto social trading, supporting beginners and veteran traders with an open and robust platform.

Gracy Chen stressed the growth and trend of social trading, “The global social trading platform is growing at 7.8% annually. Social trading creates a win-win situation for all traders who buy into the idea that trading can be collaborative.”

She also introduced the innovations that Bitget has been working on for applications of social trading in crypto.  “Our flagship offering, One-Click Copy Trade, is a pioneer in social trading and has amassed over 55,000 professional traders, with approximately 1.1 million followers, innovating the experience for crypto derivatives traders worldwide. Bitget provides quality content, copy trading and other strategies, and feature products with social elements to help users attain the best results with social trading.”

As a female investor and leader in the crypto industry, Gracy shared her experience and observation during the panel discussion on “Women in Crypto”. She emphasised that the crypto world and women’s power will be mutually beneficial as crypto and blockchain technology serve as new tools to help women get financial independence, while female engagement could lead to a better version of the crypto world.

Aside from the speech, Bitget’s booth at the conference and the afterparty attracted overwhelming responses from the attendants, including some widely-followed influencers in the field,  bringing all the great minds together in a fun setting. The booth offered 360 panoramic selfies and a giveaway wheel for participants to enjoy fun activities and prizes while learning about social trading and platform tutorials.

Token 2049 is the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week in Singapore, alongside with Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, the event drew 6000+ attendees from around the world in late September.

“Bitget is glad to join Token 2049 this year as an important and leading player in the crypto space. We value the opportunity to meet people from different regions and industries in person as we are spending more and more time online nowadays. Participating in the event not only allows us to cultivate relationships with business partners, users and the team but also inspires us with a better understanding of the market trend and the in-depth notion of future development. We are looking forward to the conference next year and appreciate the organisers’ time and effort in making this happen!” Gracy adds.

About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a core focus on social trading. Currently serving over two million users in more than 50 countries around the world, Bitget accelerated its mission to promote decentralised finance with a 600-strong workforce.

Since Bitget’s official launch in the crypto derivatives market in June 2019, the platform has now become one of the world’s largest crypto copy trading and derivatives exchanges and is ranked in the top five globally by CoinGecko for derivatives trading by volume. The leading exchange focuses on transforming the way people connect and trade with social trading. Its flagship offering, One-Click Copy Trade, is nothing short of a pioneer in social trading and has amassed over 55,000 professional traders, with approximately 1.1 million followers, innovating the experience for crypto derivatives traders worldwide.

Adhering closely to its philosophy of ‘Better Trading, Better Life’, Bitget is committed to providing comprehensive and secure trading solutions to users globally, aiming to be the portal that transcends Web2 and Web3, that connects CeFi and DeFi, resulting in an expansive bridge to the vast web of crypto. In September 2021, Bitget announced its sponsorship of world-renowned football team Juventus as its first-ever sleeve partner and PGL Major’s official esports crypto partner soon after. Partnerships with the leading esports organisation, Team Spirit, and Turkey’s leading and long-standing football club, Galatasaray, were also announced in early 2022.

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