Bitcoin & Ethereum Valued Below Market in FTX Claims; Whales Intrigued by Novel AI Crypto

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In 2022, crypto investors suffered massive losses following the now-defunct FTX (FTT) exchange crash. Investors who held altcoins worth millions of dollars in the exchange were left with nothing as their holdings went into the red. Fast-forward two years, and Bitcoin (BTC) is at a new ATH. The exchange has opened a window for investors to claim their holdings, but top assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) are priced well below their current market value.

In other crypto-related news, the fast-rising AI cryptocurrency platform InQubeta (QUBE) is witnessing an influx of top-dollar investors from all over. The InQubeta team plans to democratize AI investment through NFTs, and whale investors are all for it. InQubeta’s fast sale of over 861 million tokens proves that whale interest in the token has heightened since its crypto ICO started, hinting at an explosive upcoming rally.

Let’s explore the FTX crypto claims and whales’ interest in InQubeta.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Massive Demand In Line With Bullish Expectations

Whales have set their sights on InQubeta and its goal of enabling anyone to profit from AI investments through NFTs. Investors have been buying the project’s QUBE token throughout its presale, pushing the amount raised to over $11.4 million. InQubeta will also partner with AI startups, and to make it affordable, they plan on fractionalizing the NFTs. This will make investing in the AI industry budget-friendly for newcomers in the space.

The InQubeta crypto ICO is still ongoing with a 15% presale bonus. Thanks to massive demand, the presale has raised over $11.4 million from investors looking to buy in early on a potential blue-chip token. The token has delivered a 265% rally and is now worth $0.0245. Investors who get in now will witness their investments increase by 20% when the token debuts on exchanges.

InQubeta has much bigger plans than offering equity-based NFTs. The platform will have a staking program where investors can lock up their QUBE tokens and benefit from profits from a dedicated tax pool. This will ensure that investors are rewarded for interacting with the platform, making it the best crypto to invest in to earn passive income. These offerings give QUBE strong real-world utility and the potential for massive adoption.

Crypto whales who have been purchasing QUBE are confident that AI will reshape multiple industries soon. The implications could open up the floodgates for profits to early investors who recognized InQubeta’s potential. A project like InQubeta could go mainstream immediately after it launches, and the presale is the best crypto to invest in now while it’s still at a discount.

FTX Claim Window Pegs Token Prices At Ridiculous Prices Following Market-wide Surge

Investors now have the opportunity to claim back their tokens through FTX’s claim window, which is offering Bitcoin at $16,871 and Ethereum at $1,258. Even top altcoins like SOL and BNB are priced at $16.25 and $286, respectively. Some tokens, including Bitcoin, have surged to new ATH since the crash, meaning these prices are way below current market value. BTC and ETH investors whose assets were affected were in uproar. They communicated their concerns and demanded accountability on social media platforms like X.

Shortly after FTX’s announcement, the exchange’s liquidator revealed that FTX Digital Markets is executing a Chapter 11 settlement with FTX Trading and other debtors. They disclosed that both entities are trying to combine their assets to settle claims. Investors who once held either Bitcoin or other top altcoins on FTX have received notices to submit e-claims by the 15th of May this year. The liquidator claims that the first distribution of assets is expected to begin by the end of 2024 or early next year. ETH recently pushed past $4,000, while BTC hit $70,130.

Final Thoughts

The FTX attempt to reimburse investors is commendable, but its price slashing has left investors feeling robbed twice. As this issue lingers, it’s no surprise that altcoins like InQubeta have been enjoying whale support. Every day, investors move towards promising tokens with good upside potential, and InQubeta is at the top of the list of upcoming tokens. Investing early in AI altcoins like InQubeta positions investors to make explosive gains soon, which is why the event dominates the crypto sphere.

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