Big Eyes: The Next Crypto To Explode Compared To Bitcoin & Stellar

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Big Eyes (BIG) is a cat meme project established on the Ethereum blockchain network. The team behind this project is very passionate about the well-being of man, animals and the earth.

To justify this passion, Big Eyes contributes a significant amount of money to various charity foundations. Big Eyes will donate 5% of its profits to charities caring for the aquatic terrain and animals.

The above plan from Big Eyes will be executed when the project officially begins. Currently, Big Eyes has started providing lending support to charities as part of their commitment to their objectives.

Some charity foundations that Big Eyes has supported in its presale period include the Luna Children and Big Cat Rescue Corporation. These two charity firms received a sum of $1000 each from the Big Eyes team as decided by its community members.

What Big Eyes You Have!

The native currency that powers the Big Eyes economy is BIG, which complies with the ERC-20 standard. The BIG token’s presale generated about $7 million during the initial stages of the presale phase. The Big Eyes intend to reach their target of $50 million before the token launches officially.

Big Eyes introduces new contests to arouse great feelings and positive engagement within its community. The team highlighted this on their official Twitter page on the 13th of October, 2022. They announced that the top ten buyers of the BIG token would receive special prizes.

The top buyer will get double any amount purchased, and the second-ranking buyer receives an extra 50% of their purchase. The third rank buyer will receive a 25% bonus, while the 4th-10th ranking member will receive $1000 worth of the BIG token. This contest will run for 7 days.

Bitcoin: A Bit Too Hungry for Energy?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first crypto project that originated over 10 years ago. Bitcoin is a prominent token that allows users to engage in peer-to-peer transactions without the intervention of central bodies.

However, a major challenge that impedes Bitcoin’s operation is concerns about its proof-of-work mechanisms. Many argue that the mining activities of Bitcoin pose a threat to the environment due to its extremely high energy consumption.

Earlier in October 2022, US congressional group led by Senator Elizabeth Warren probed the Bitcoin mining activities in Texas.

A Really Stellar Cryptocurrency

Stellar is a decentralized protocol launched in 2014 that facilitates the transfer of digital assets to native fiat currencies worldwide. Since its inception, Stellar network has processed over 2 billion cross-border transactions.

A recent press release from the Stellar team on Tuesday 11th of October 2022, indicates that Soroban has launched on the Stellar network. Soroban, a smart contract platform, also pledge support of $100 million to Stellar after their launching agreement.

The stellar network boasts about 7.2 million active users globally. Stellar native token is known as Lumen XLM, which has about $3.4 billion total supply in circulation.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Utility Token?

Getting started with the Big Eyes presale token requires installing the Metamask wallet on your computer through the link To complete the first requirement, you need to register an account on your choice of wallet and secure your seed phrase.

Fund your wallet with payment tokens like BTC or ETH to make the purchase. Then type the Big Eyes presale URL on any browser like Chrome and surf to connect your registered wallet. Supply the value of the BIG tokens you intend to buy and supply your details in the remaining fields as requested on the portal.

To round up the purchase process, select the payment token already stored in your wallet, select the terms and conditions box, and click buy. Look forward to getting your purchased token when the presale period is over.

To Conclude

Big Eyes is a unique project with significant values that predict global dominance among cryptos in the future. Buy the token now, so you won’t be left behind.

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