Big Eyes Coin Raised $1 Million In the First Week Of Its Presale, Posing A Threat To Tamadoge And Polkadot

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There is a new addition to the family of the many crypto projects that are currently active. This new cryptocurrency project is introducing unique features to projects of its kind.

The Big Eyes project is still new to the crypto space. As a newcomer expecting to thrive, it is anticipated that it needs to provide a feasible solution to at least one of the problems in the industry.

Big Eyes will meet this requirement as it provides a next-generation crypto project. Big Eyes’ design is in such a way that it revolves around its members. Being active on social media, dropping updates for all its followers and subscribers.

Recently there was a skirmish on Twitter. It was between Big Eyes and Tamadoge, another relatively new meme crypto project. In this article, we will discuss the features of Big Eyes and compare them with Tamadoge and Polkadot.

Big Eyes Sets A  New Trend For Meme Coins

Since meme coins were introduced into the crypto space, it has always been a regular feature. These crypto tokens all use memes to publicize their projects.

This resulted in the several dog-themed meme-inspired crypto projects that have filled the crypto space. But that is about to change. Big Eyes has brought in a new animal that might be the next meme coin trend.

Big Eyes utilizes a cute, big-eyed cat to promote its crypto ideas. Thus, it became the first cat-inspired meme project amidst the dog-ruled space.

There is no doubt that Big Eyes will succeed in the crypto space. It does not just take up the cat meme; it has incorporated some unique qualities of cats into its operations. Any other meme crypto project does not offer these features.

Big Eyes hopes to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry with these fresh introductions. Redefining the perception of meme-inspired cryptocurrency projects. With its meme-inspired project, it seeks to compete with leading crypto projects.

By offering reflective rewards and NFT integration, Big Eyes aims to help its community members build wealth. Its users can leverage this to become crypto millionaires.

Big Eyes also plans to touch the world by funding several charitable organizations. In September 2022, Big Eyes made its first donation of $1000 to the Kuna Children charity. It signifies that Big Eyes is not based on empty hype.

Big Eyes has also set 5% of its tokens aside to fund other charitable organizations that will collaborate to fix ocean degradation. Big Eyes’ goal is to save the ocean and the animals living there.

Big Eyes Versus Tamadoge

Tamadoge is one of the several DOGE-themed meme projects in the crypto space. It integrated metaverse functionalities into its ecosystem. This integration facilitates the usage of NFT-like dogs within its metaverse.

Recently the tussle between Tamadoge and Big caused quite a rave on Twitter. What started as a friendly meme exchange escalated into a cyberattack from Carl Dawkins, Tamadoge’s head of growth.

In a 20 minutes video he posted on his Tamatoge-related Twitter page, he accused Big Eyes of being a copycat. Big Eyes swiftly responded with proof that Tamadoge is no different from preexisting DOGE-themed meme coins.

Big Eyes stood its ground, pointing out the hypocrisy perpetuated by Tamadoge. Big Eyes made it clear that the Era of dogs was over and Crypto Cats were here to stay.

Big Eyes Versus Polkadot

Polkadot is a multi-chain crypto platform. It intends to facilitate increased scalability through sharding. Polkadot operates on several parallel chains that boost transactions and lowers processing time. It has a primary chain that hosts by DOT, its native cryptocurrency.

With DOT, its native cryptocurrency, it manages its ecosystem and offers its users Web3 features. It allows users to deploy their crypto project to test its functionality before launching it live on its main net.

Big Eyes will have features that will make it unique. These include its large and active crypto community and its reflective reward system.

Big Eyes The Best Presale Token To Buy In 2022

To enjoy Big Eyes’ numerous features, you must be a token holder. BIG tokens are still in presale; thus, you can only purchase them from the presale website.

An ERC-20 crypto wallet is required to buy and store big tokens. Trustwallet or Metamask are excellent choices as they support ERC-20 cryptocurrencies.

After depositing BNB, USDT, or ETH, click this link o access the presale portal Fill out the form to register yourself on the presale website and indicate deposited cryptocurrency. Connect your wallet with the presale website and approve the transaction.

Big Eyes will be based on solid evidence. This will set it apart from other empty hype projects. Buy the BIG utility tokens during this presale to enjoy its future benefits.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)


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