Big Eyes Coin Is The Presale Token To Go Up A Notch Higher Than The Competition Cosmos, And Stellar Are Up Against

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The competition has risen in the crypto space. Many cryptocurrencies have stiff competition Ong themselves in a bid to provide not only a beneficial but more adoptable ecosystem. Even first-movers of certain ideas are having a hard time with other crypto projects in that space.

The criteria to be at the top and to remain at that top does not only center on how technologically better crypto is. Certain boxes must be ticked. Having a revolutionary system is one; solving crucial issues, transparency, scalability, security, friendly interface, and popularity all appear on the list.

Cosmos (ATOM) ticked the box of providing a revolutionary system that solves issues in the crypto space, among other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it was the first protocol that targeted interoperability, breaking barriers between blockchains.

However, few other cryptocurrencies have caught up with Cosmos (ATOM). Cryptocurrencies like Chainlink, Polkadot, and Avalanche emerged after Cosmos (ATOM) provided the same services. Polygon, too, has emerged with a more defined system capable of surpassing Cosmos (ATOM).

Stellar (XLM) also faces the same struggle as Ripple (XRP). Stellar (XLM) is a crypto that facilitates transactions among individuals, banks, financial services, and payment services. Although it is more decentralized than Ripple, many people still adopt Ripple because it has served 100s of financial systems and is centralized.

Another downfall is its popularity. Popularity is essential to any investor planning to venture into the crypto space because it helps with the volume figures of an asset. Crypto may not be technologically better, but it would be more adopted because of the volumes it holds per day.

The criteria, so far, may seem too high for any cryptocurrency to scale through. There is no such thing as a perfect system, but some new crypto projects are emerging to make it a reality. Big Eyes is one of them.

Why Big Eyes Coin Will Outclass Its Competitors Unlike Cosmos And Stellar

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), firstly, is a unique meme coin. It follows a vision different from its predecessors. It further crowns its efforts by being the first cat-themed meme coin to surge the market. It features a cat with cute adorable eyes driven by a vision. The entire ecosystem was built on that vision.

Big Eyes (BIG) ticks all the boxes considerably, making it rise above other meme coins. It was created with a vision to revitalize the DeFi ecosystem, build a sustainable ecosystem, and help save the oceans and aquatic animals. All efforts are made to achieve these goals.

Big Eyes (BIG) ticks the box for popularity as a meme coin. Big Eyes (BIG) has been moving massively in online communities and social media pages, especially Twitter. The war between the Tamadoge and Big Eyes has been a fun experience to watch and follow. But, without a doubt, Big Eyes would win it all.

Big Eyes also leverages the internet to help charitable organizations. Through Twitter, Big Eyes raised $1000 to help the Luna Kids further their education. Tons of giveaways have also been held to facilitate the adoption of the project. Big Eyes have recorded millions of dollars in both presales phases it has undergone. This seals the deal.

How To Buy BIG Token

You can be part of this flourishing system by doing the following:

  1. Once you Click on ‘Buy Now on the website, Create a wallet
  2. Fund your wallet with your desired amount
  3. Connect your wallet to the Big Eyes platform
  4. Claim your BIG tokens once the transaction is complete

Big Eyes (BIG) proves it’s not only ready to surge the market but with a vision and the necessary system to fulfill the vision. It aims to advance the DeFi system and society at large.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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