BIB Token Team Announces the Launch Date to the Public of Its IEO

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Revolutionary web3-based NFT trading platform BIB Meta, which recently made headlines following the incredible success of its native token IDO presale phase, has officially announced the BIB token IEO on leading crypto trading platform BIB exchange.

As all the BIB token investors have been anticipating getting the news on when the BIB token will be launching, the BIB token team is highly delighted to declare openly that it will finally launch its IEO on BIB exchange. The IEO will be aided by promotional actions from influencers and stakeholders, with an international trade campaign to follow.

The resounding success of BIB token IDO presale

The incredible success of BIB token’s IDO presale on PinkSale has provided a solid success for future growth. Although the presale only launched on Sep 29  to Oct 1, still a huge investor demand resulted in the hard cap being hit in just under 3 days.

The IDO presale raised a total of $98,000 USDT. It was originally planned to raise $80,000 USDT  for the project, which is even more impressive considering the ongoing “crypto winter” and poor macroeconomic conditions. This capital raise was made possible thanks to mentions from mainstream media outlets and crypto influencers that helped increase awareness of the project.

Where will BIB token IEO launch?

The BIB token team has meticulously chosen a particular exchange to list its token.

The team is therefore delighted to publish that BIB token IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will launch on the BIB exchange. The team illustrated that they entrusted the BIB exchange because it is among the prominent digital asset exchanges which enable users to trade digital currencies for other prominent assets such as fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc.

The BIB token team also vouches for the exchange as it is secure regarding digital asset management, staking, and trading. The team has also mentioned that news for other centralized and decentralized exchanges is on the way, and they are about to close up new partnerships with new exchanges.

Why does BIB token choose to list on BIB exchange?

BIB exchange is the platform who first invented the BIB token and has all the techniques to back up the token ecosystem. BIB exchange  is also an international cryptocurrency exchange that enables users in 120+ countries to trade over 100+ digital currencies and tokens. BIB exchange provides all the features you would anticipate from a global crypto exchange.

Centralized exchanges procure a user-friendly protocol that stimulates the purchase and surveillance of digital assets; BIB exchange, a centralized exchange, will not be an exception.

The team also professed that they assigned BIB exchange because it offers developed charting, numerous order types, which constitute market and limit orders, futures trading, and specifically low trading fees. Additionally, BIB exchange  has an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk for institutional investors. This will enable the investors to trade potentially with no hassle.

What utility will the BIB token offer?

BIB token empowers an entirely decentralized Meta-Fi protocol BIB Meta and a centralized crypto trading platform BIB exchange. The BIB  token will be used to stake, trade, and even make purchases. BIB holders can earn profits from BIB group’s decentralized protocol BIB Meta and centralized crypto trading platform BIB Exchange including but not limited to capital gains of asset appreciation, transaction fee dividends, NFT minting, and other virtual entertainment utilities.

BIB token use cases highlighting critical technical capabilities expected to accomplish interoperability, decentralization, hybrid ecosystem, and other development programs to stimulate preferable operations.

It will represent a tradable asset or utility that dwells on its blockchain and allow the holder to use it for investment or purposes. In addition, the project will also procure solutions to the most challenging blockchain problems, which revolve around scalability, usability, and security.

Who can participate in the IEO?

BIB IEO lunch will be public from Oct 24 14:00 to Oct 31 23:59(UTC+8). Anyone can register on BIB exchange and purchase the token. During the IEO, KYC will be required by the user. To make a purchase, it is expected to have enough funds of USDT in the portfolio.

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