BetU Joins The Ranks of & as the Top Crypto Sports Betting Platform

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It is estimated that more than a billion people globally gamble throughout the year, with sports betting and casinos emerging as the top variants. As technology advances, so are the ways to gamble, which have inevitably led to the rising popularity of online gambling.

BetU ranks up to be one of the leading crypto sports betting platforms

BetU has been garnering hype and interest among betting and crypto enthusiasts even before its platform launch on October 5, 2022.

Established in 2021, BetU has not stopped since then to enhance the online gambling experience for sports, esports, and crypto bettors. Within this year alone, the company has already launched its EarnU Play-to-Earn (P2E) game and the BetU crypto sportsbook, with the BetU Crypto Casino coming in by November 2022.

Enthusiasts are thrilled that BetU is offering so much more than what the other similar platforms are providing. “Our ecosystem is more than just figures and betting,” CEO Paul Rogash shares. “Within the BetU Verse is an entire experience.”

The web3 ecosystem makes all the difference. While the likes of more established names like Stake and Sports Bet offer similar services, BetU’s licensed Metaverse Resort and Casino makes it more experiential for its users. Players can take advantage of interactive games and even own part of the BetU Verse through exclusive NFTs, including resident avatars, luxury condominiums, and branded casino equipment.

Behind the screens

BetU is made by world-class, passionate individuals who want nothing more than to give their community the best overall digital experience.

They provide superior betting services for their BETU token holders by giving them up to 15% lossback on sports betting and 15% rakeback on casinos.

They have also developed the platform from a blank slate, writing every line of code from the ground up, to ensure that BetU is developed as intended. The team’s combined expertise in leading betting companies, online marketplaces, finance, marketing, technology development, and blockchain assures all patrons that the BetU experience is unlike any other.

BetU also advocates for responsible gaming and gambling. Proceeds will be allocated to establishing a BetU Charity dedicated to supporting those impacted by gambling addiction, especially children.

Experience BetU by visiting and learning more through BetU’s Whitepaper.

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