Ariva (ARV) vs. Omax Coin (OMAX) vs. The Hideaways (HDWY): Where Should You Invest?

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Three cryptocurrencies Ariva (ARV), Omax Coin (OMAX), and The Hideaways (HDWY) are catching investors’ attention – but which one comes out on top and why?

Investors put higher stakes in cryptocurrency projects with real-world functions than those without. After all, use cases ensure that a token’s price will remain supported even in a highly-speculative trading environment.

Ariva (ARV) ‘s Relative Strength Index Declines, Massive Sell-off Possible

Ariva (ARV) is a tourism cryptocurrency used in global travel networks. It allows people to pay their travel reservations and expenditures using the cryptocurrency – a framework that was not fully realized until Ariva (ARV) introduced the concept.

In today’s charts, the token price declined 1.44% to $0.00013, which sent its total 7-day decline to 6.26%. It made a +12.48% ROI in the last 30 days, lower than Ripple (XRP) ‘s +55% and The Hideaways’ (HDWY).

Another bearish indicator that could pull prices further down is the loss of momentum, as seen in Ariva’s (ARV) ‘s RSI. The buying and selling pulse declined to the 54.0 zone after hitting the overbought territory at 69.0 in the past day.

Due to this, analysts say investors should keep their distance from the token while sentiment is low.

Omax Coin (OMAX) Up 2.46% but Still Far From Recovery

Unlike Ariva (ARV) and The Hideaways (HDWY), Omax Coin (OMAX) has limited real-world use cases.

Aside from being a payment coin, the network aims to make cryptocurrency easily understandable for investors. This will be done by developing an initiative to educate beginner traders about cryptocurrency trading using simple instructions.

Initiatives like this are not new. They are available on many trading sites like Binance and, making Omax Coin (OMAX) ‘s function obsolete.

The Hideaways’ (HDWY) Real-world Function is Beyond Real Estate

The Hideaways (HDWY) is a luxury real estate project that aims to make property investment affordable for regular traders. Aside from this, it is also a significant player in luxury tourism.

The HDWY team sorts out finding the next properties to give you a minimum of 20% yield; they then help rent it out and hold events when there are no tenants – truly maximizing the property yield potential.

On top of that, the smart contract is already audited by the leading security firm SolidProof; they are locking tokens for 2 years and will be locking liquidity forever – really bullish.

The Hideaways is expected to pump by at least 400% before the end of its presale – given the market capitalization our analysts say it is very much possible.

The Hideaways (HDWY) currently sells at $0.045, up 450% since the start of its presale event last month. Don’t miss your chance to score a diamond in the rough for less than a penny.




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