Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Crash Similar to Great Depression

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Mike McGlone believes that Bitcoin could potentially follow a trajectory similar to the stock market during the Great Depression of the 1930s. However, while there are some similarities, it’s essential to highlight the technological and regulatory disparities between the history of the stock market and today’s cryptocurrency landscape. Nevertheless, there are a myriad of bullish forecasts on Bitcoin.

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, has once again piqued the interest of the cryptocurrency sector. As a seasoned analyst with several accurate market predictions under his belt, his latest observations are garnering attention.

Analyst McGlone Draws Similarities Between Bitcoin and the 1930s Stock Market Crash

In a recent post on the X (Twitter) platform, the analyst highlighted that Bitcoin’s behavior mirrors the stock market’s movement in the 1930s, a period infamously dubbed the “Great Depression.”

McGlone underscored the resemblance between a past warning given by statistician Roger Babson and the present state of Bitcoin. Babson had presciently cautioned about a dip in stock prices right before the notable stock market surge in 1929.

Such an analogy might cause investors to fear déjà vu, where the impending downturn targets the cryptocurrency realm.

Bitcoin vs. stocks in 1930 – Source: X/@mikemcglone11

Prior to the Great Depression, Roger Babson’s assessment served as a cautionary tale amid the market’s speculative euphoria. Babson, who can be considered a forerunner of crisis predictions, pointed to the coming stock market crash. These predictions also affected the Dow Jones index.

Despite early signs of growth similar to those present in the case of Bitcoin, the stock market experienced a crash. It marked the beginning of a long period known as the “Great Depression.”

Bitcoin’s Outlook: A Juxtaposition of Past and Future



While Mike McGlone’s analysis provides intriguing points of comparison, one must remember that the 1930s stock market nuances can’t be directly transposed onto today’s cryptocurrency arena.

Distinct from its historical counterpart, Bitcoin is rooted in contemporary technology and adheres to a regulatory paradigm vastly different from the stock exchanges of yesteryear.

Despite challenges confronting the sector, many remain sanguine about its prospective ascent. The upbeat response to the SEC’s recent statement on XRP-related concerns illustrates this optimism.

In their appeal filing, the regulator clarified that their primary contention was never about classifying XRP as a security.

“The SEC has not expressed a belief that the underlying assets of these investment contracts should necessarily be considered securities (and that the SEC is not seeking to appeal the decision that the underlying assets here are simply computer code with no inherent value).”

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