AI Crypto Platform Harvest Keeper Pulls Rug, Steals $1M

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The Harvest Keeper dApp has proven to be a rug pull, with the team stealing about $1 million in users’ funds. The project claimed to use AI to offer high returns for investors.

Reports are emerging that AI-based dApp Harvest Keeper is a rug pull scam. Several crypto security firms, including CertiK, have tweeted that the project has pulled the rug, making away with nearly $1 million. The firms are asking individuals not to interact with any of the project’s URLs.

CertiK stated that the Harvest Keeper contract was drained by a privileged getAmount function, which transferred over $700,000 in USDT to an address. It also revealed that users’ assets were stolen through ice phishing transactions across BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. About $219,000 was stolen in this manner.

Ice phishing is a type of attack in web3 where users are tricked into manually signing and approving permissions. The security division of De.Fi also asked users to revoke smart contract approvals as quickly as possible.

The rug pull is yet another scam to hit the market, which continues to see its reputation suffer from such incidents. The AI-mania has taken over the crypto market to a certain degree, which many related projects seeing strong growth. It appears that Harvest Keeper was taking advantage of this.

What Is Harvest Keeper?

Harvest Keeper claimed to use AI, describing itself as “an innovative project based on artificial intelligence, which completely eliminates the human factor from trading, creating an opportunity to generate profits 24 hours a day.”

The project told users that they could receive daily rewards of 4.81%, with the investment becoming 101% in three weeks.

Specifically, Harvest Keeper claimed that users could make use of an automated trading system that offers high efficiency. The project advertised itself as a platform that could help users in turbulent market conditions.

Users Desperate to Get Funds Back

The crypto community is naturally fuming at the development, with some asking Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao for help. Others have also warned not to click any links that Harvest Keeper purportedly states will help them.

There has yet to be any evidence about the attacker’s identity. But that may change as the theft occurred very recently. In any case, users will have to fight to get their money back, a common theme that is running through the market as it goes through many negative incidents.


BeInCrypto has reached out to company or individual involved in the story to get an official statement about the recent developments, but it has yet to hear back.

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