A New Metaverse Project Made by a Solid Team is Attracting Investors, can it be the Next 10x Crypto?

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The question of whether crypto projects can offer good returns in the current market climate is on every investor’s mind. While the market may not be in the healthiest state, there are some niches that are proving to be resilient and even lucrative. These are projects with fundamentally strong ideas and unique twists relating to the implementation of decentralized technology.

The most discussed of these niches is the metaverse, which has won over those both inside and outside the industry. It continues to receive heavy investment and an increasing number of companies are pouring resources into it. A project that is standing out in the crowded field is RobotEra – but it’s important to understand what the metaverse needs to see why it’s so special.

What Does the Metaverse Need?

There’s been talk about the concept of a metaverse for a few years now, even though the term metaverse has only recently become very popular. If it’s been around for a while, why is it still yet to take off?

It’s not just the limitations of technology or the fact that this is a very new field. Many metaverse projects are built without a fundamental idea in mind that pulls people in. The metaverse is touted as a social experience, but there’s really very little out there that meets this need robustly.

One of the few exceptions to this is RobotEra, which is building a robust system of social experiences and other fun features you would expect in a metaverse. From concerts to casinos, the virtual world of this robot-themed metaverse has the potential to draw a lot of players in.

Can RobotEra Start a New Wave of Metaverse Projects?

RobotEra is currently conducting its presale.

It’s bold to claim that a project can be truly unique in a sea of metaverse launches, but there are several key aspects of RobotEra that indicate it could be game-changing.

The first of these is the fact that players will be able to create their own games and interactive experiences in RobotEra – all without needing any coding knowledge. This is an idea brimming with potential, as it allows users to create social experiences that they know they can enjoy.

To incentivize, the experience creators can offer tickets for these, which will be paid in TARO. This is an excellent way for them to earn revenue and be encouraged to create better social experiences. Of course, there are also other ways to earn, including through land management fees, and selling virtual real estate.


The TARO token is an ERC-20 token, with its presale scheduled for Q4 2022. The presale has been allocated 90 million TARO, with 1 TARO being worth 0.020 USDT in the first stage, which will increase to $0.025 in the second stage. TARO can be purchased with USDT or ETH. The minimum investment is 1,000 TARO, which is $20.

Metaverses that establish a robust foundation for social experiences are the ones that will succeed. RobotEra looks like it can make a big splash, which gives it the potential to be very lucrative.

RobotEra Holds Enormous Potential

The metaverse space is evolving quickly and those that establish a truly engaging space will be the ones that succeed. RobotEra is one of those metaverse projects that look set to be a strong contender, offering a potential exponential return for early investors.

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