5 tokens every Crypto investor should focus on during the current bear market for potential long-term returns

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There’s no denying that the bear market is in full swing for crypto evangelists. Top-ranked tokens are 90% off their high prices, and the market continues to swing lower weekly.

With crypto markets heading lower, there’s no respite for buyers or long traders. This presents a dynamic where investors and buyers aren’t making any money as the market continues to sink.

Investors need to focus on long-term returns instead of capturing short-term profits.

One of the most significant long-term return options is projects that are currently building during the bear market to be ready for when the bulls head back to town.

Here are five tokens that every crypto investor should focus on during the current bear market for potential long-term returns.

1.    D2T – Making Traders More Profitable

Dash 2 Trade is a world-class crypto analytics and intelligence platform that will help traders become more profitable.

The Dash 2 Trade platform provides actionable crypto trading signals, in-depth market predictions, and enterprise-level social analysis to help traders make more informed decisions. The platform also allows users to create and test new trading strategies without risking live capital and keep track of the latest news and essential on-chain data.


Dash 2 Trade is currently hosting a presale for its D2T token, which will power the entire dashboard. The presale has been running for little over a month and has already managed to raise $6.5 million – during one of crypto’s most devastating bear markets.

Investors seem keen to enter the D2T presale after learning about the team behind the project. Previously, the team developed Learn 2 Trade – an FX signal and education platform that gained over 70,000 users. The team has the necessary expertise and experience to make Dash 2 Trade a sister project to Learn 2 Trade and become just as successful.

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2.    IMPT – Pushing Crypto and the World Into a Greener Future

IMPT is a token that is ready to change the future direction of crypto and make it more environmentally sustainable by helping individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints.

Their Carbon Marketplace will host carbon credits as NFTs, making them genuine and traceable. The marketplace will allow users to easily buy, sell, and retire carbon credits and positively contribute to the environment.

The presale for the IMPT token is currently underway and is selling out very quickly. It has already managed to raise over $13 million in the short few weeks it’s been active.


Investors are quickly rushing into the presale as IMPT continues to announce high-profile affiliates to join its Shopping Platform. The platform allows users to earn carbon credits as cashback when shopping online.

Global brands such as Netflix, Samsung, Puma, Microsoft, and The North Face have already affiliated with the IMPT Shopping Platform. These brands have allocated a specific percentage of sales for environmentally sustainable projects. When a user purchases the platform, the sales margin is held as IMPT tokens until the user has enough to buy a carbon credit.

Overall, IMPT is opening up the convoluted carbon credit market to everyday users, and the environmentally-focused side of the industry will be paying close attention when they launch in 2023. The best time to enter is during the presale to receive the lowest price possible.

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3.    Tamadoge – A Long-Term Memecoin with Real Utility

Tamadoge is a fun play-to-earn ecosystem that rose to prominence earlier this year. The token launched on OKX and instantly produced a 900% gain for traders. Furthermore, those who invested in the presale received up to 18X returns.

Tamadoge is a memecoin that provides utility for its holders, and the utility is set to explode in 2023 when the project finally drops the P2E game holders have been waiting for. The game allows users to breed, train and battle Tamadoge NFTs to earn points and climb a leaderboard. The player with the most points each month is free to claim the rewards in the prize pool.

The project is long-term focused as it sets to raise the standard in the memecoin community. After launching the P2E game, the team also intends to release a metaverse, launch an entire P2E arcade, and even bring augmented reality into crypto by allowing users to interact with their pets as if they were in the same room.

Overall, Tamadoge is certainly a token to keep on your watchlist for long-term gains.

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4.    RobotEra – A Futuristic World-Building Game

RobotEra is a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. Users take on the avatar of a robot in the game and are tasked with managing land and helping to create the new metaverse. The great thing about this project is that it’s a shared multiverse connected with other worlds and NFT communities.

The team behind RobotEra wants to build a frictionless play-to-earn experience for its metaverse. As a result, there are numerous avenues for players to make money in the game. These include cultivating sacred trees, selling NFTs, advertising on land, organizing events, running communities, and staking tokens. Furthermore, users can participate in quest challenges in the Central City to win rewards.

The token behind RobotEra to put on your watchlist is TARO, which will be the utility token in the metaverse for transactions and interactions.

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5.     Silks – The World’s First Derivatives-Based P2E Ecosystem

Silks don’t have a crypto token yet, but the Silks Avatar NFT collection is a token you need on your watchlist for long-term gains. The first batch of Silks Avatars was released earlier in the year, and top investment firms and prominent NFT collectors quickly bought them. In total, five Bored Ape Yacht NFT Holders also purchased the Silks Avatars.

High-profile investors quickly bought into the collection after learning about the Silks metaverse – a project replicating the real-world thoroughbred horse racing industry. Silks is the world’s first derivatives-based P2E project that rewards you based on real-world results. So, for example, if you own the Silks Horses NFT that wins in real-world races, you’re rewarded in the Silks metaverse.

You need one of the Silks Avatars to participate in the Silks metaverse, earn rewards, and mint Silks Horses. It’s estimated that horse owners spend up to $60,000 at auctions for race horses. As the Silks Horses are derivatives of these horses, it won’t be surprising to see their value skyrocket in the future.

The last batch of Silks Avatars is available, but they’re selling out quickly. Silks will open the doors to its metaverse in 2023. By then, all of the Silks Avatars will be gone.

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