4 Bear Market Winners, Sure to Thrive in a Bull Market

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Bear markets can completely wilt what could previously be described as a thriving project. Bear markets can also instigate bull market winners, and there have been some stand-out performances so far in this crypto bear market. This article will take a look at 4 projects showing strength in this bear market.

Cosmos Hub

The Cosmos Hub needs no introduction. The heavy-hitting ‘Internet of Blockchains’ has just announced its ‘phase 2’ of the Cosmos Hub. Ethan Buchman, the Cosmos founder, calls this stage integration. ATOM has laid the foundation for the wider Cosmos Hub in its ‘initiation’ phase. The plan for Cosmos 2.0 is now to give the ATOM token a greater value through interchain security and liquid staking.

Buchman asserted that in its initiation phase 1, ATOM was taking most of the flak for the broader ecosystem to thrive. Now, in the integration phase, the Cosmos Hub’s primary token should start to receive increased demand and as such, a larger value in the next bull run.


Continuing into the Cosmos Hub, Evmos is a Layer-1 Blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, but compatible with the EVM. The goal of Evmos developers is to bridge the gap between the Cosmos network and the Ethereum ecosystem. Relaunching a few months ago, EVMOS has seen some very impressive price action considering we are in the middle of a bear market.

If you’re looking for an investment that is tied to two of the most significant blockchains, then EVMOS ticks that box. Integrating DeFi built on Ethereum into the Cosmos Hub will be paramount to the success and adoption of ATOM going forwards. Evmos is likely to be at the forefront of that integration.

Trading roughly 70% down from its all-time high (which was achieved during the bear market it should be noted) Evmos has experienced volatile price action for a bear market. Such vast fluctuations in the bear market could be an indicator of the future price action of the project. Be sure to keep an eye on EVMOS and the developer adoption it receives.


Trading at a market capitalisation of over $8 billion, Matic has proven its longevity. The first of the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions, MATIC took the crypto community by storm last bull market, with many investors seeing its future as synonymous with the Layer-1 Ethereum blockchain.

Following the merge, Layer-2s like the previously known Polygon were put under scrutiny. Once Ethereum moved to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, Ethereum would be able to shard, which is how most Layer-1 (PoS) blockchains scale. Quite rightly then, Matic’s future relevance was questioned.

However, the Layer-2 project has dealt with this scrutiny extremely well by delivering extremely positive price action over the past few weeks, trading at just under $1 – roughly 200% up from its bear market cycle low.

Big Eyes Coin

Anyone keeping up to date with crypto news is sure to have heard of the cutest cat on the blockchain. Big Eyes is a cat of wealth and it wants to share this wealth with its community. Amassing quite the following already, especially considering it is yet to launch, the Big Eyes development team are constantly running competitions with crypto prizes.

What’s more, the project has set aside a charity wallet, consisting of 5% of the total token supply. This is going to be awarded to an ocean sanctuary charity to aid the global protection of our oceans. If you are environmentally conscious, this project could just align with your values and provide you with a high-growth cryptocurrency investment. For more information on the project, check the button below, or the link to be taken right to the presale! Use the code BEYES1812 for 5% extra tokens on purchase.

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